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  • What is the Name of the League and What Services Does it Provide?
  • How do I start a team in the league and what are the basics I need to know?

    How do I start a team in the league and what are the basics I need to know?

    First, to apply for membership, contact the League Director, Ed Frye, at (518) 356-9089 or He will set-up your club/team(s) on the website with passwords etc. and assign you a League Navigator. He also will guide you on the next steps to take. Keep yourself informed about the league via league email and by reading the website, in particular, the League Calendar (via the home page), League News (via the home page), and FAQ (via the Help menu).

    Membership is granted in accordance with the membership rules set forth in the League Constitution. To be a member you must accept all rules of the league, including its Constitution and By-Laws.

    All ENYTB rules are designed to with two purposes: to encourage League participation while also protecting members from the predatory or abusive actions of their fellow members.

    The League offers several membership classifications. Applicants may be granted either a full franchise, a limited franchise, a sub-franchise, a co-franchise, or a limited sub-franchise, depending on various factors. All applicants qualify for membership under one of these classifications. Classifications can change over time as conditions change. When you sign-up, Ed will determine which classification is right for your club.

    Unless explicitly restricted by a sub-franchise agreement, members have no limitation on the number of teams they may register in the League. "Limited" franchises operating from inside another member's franchise area, are restricted to participation in open competitive age divisions (16U and above) only.

    New member applications must include advance payment of $425. This amount is not refundable if the club fails to register any teams. If the club registers one or more teams, this amount will be applied towards the club's registration bill and/or its security deposit ($225 per club, not team). At the end of the season, any balance shall be refunded or carried forward as a club credit, at the discretion of the club.

    Once accepted, new members may enter teams to the league in accordance with the limits, if any, of their franchise status. The "League Calendar" tab (League Info > Program Info > League Calendar) details the League's four registration steps: activation, registration (making your sign-up choices and payment), entering pre-scheduling inputs and entering players to rosters. For members with log-ins, a more detailed version of this information is available via Main > Getting Started.

    Each team must have at least nine players entered to their online roster by the earlier of May 15 or their first scheduled game or their entire club's access to the website is automatically restricted. To regain access the club must bring all its teams into compliance.

    The website maintains several rosters for each team, including an ENYTB regular season roster as well as an official regular season regular for each sanctioning body that the team is registered with.

    Players and coaches are entered to the website once. The website automatically screens each player for all applicable player eligibility criteria on each roster before adding them to that particular roster. This screening process is repeated for each roster, as eligibility restrictions can vary. Players are automatically added to all regular season sanctioned rosters unless they would violate the eligibility criteria for a particular roster. (NOTE: If team adds player before it registers for a particular sanctioning, the player would need to be manually linked to the sanctioned roster by the team.
    If a paler violates any sanctioning criteria, the player will be added only to those rosters he qualifies for and the team is notified of the problem via an onscreen message.

    Teams can move players off individual sanctioned rosters to make room for other players, provided this is done before the applicable cut-off date, which varies by age division and sanctioning body.

    In addition to providing the League with the above information on a timely basis, each member must secure his own team insurance (applications available from Registration menu) and contract for umpires for his home games - Tools > Contact Info > Umpires includes umpire contacts known to the league. Each owner also is responsible for maintaining his home field in excellent condition, providing high quality game balls for his home games, and attending to all other team needs such as uniforms, etc.

    NOTE: Home fields should be lined for all league games whenever possible.

    All new members are required to familiarize themselves with League playing rules (see League Info > Playing Rules), including regulations regarding postponements and rescheduling (see League Info > FAQ) and Program Info > Scheduling > Reschedules.

  • Do I need to have a home field? What if I don't have one?
  • Does the league schedule umpires? Who pays for the umpires, the league?
  • Who Is Responsible For Supplying Baseballs For Games? Is It The League?

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