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  • Overview
  • More Specifics On The General Process Of Changing The Status Of A Game

    Update Game Status

    As noted in the overview FAQ, each change in game status must be agreed to by opponent via person-to-person communication (phone and/or email) BEFORE the change is entered to the website. Once the change has been agreed to by your opponent, the team initiating the change should IMMEDIATELY update its online schedule accordingly via the Update Game Status link. Sometimes agreement can not be reached. For example, teams have the right not to grant non-weather postponements. If your request for a non-weather postponement is denied, you must inform your opponent whether you will play the game or not, as scheduled. If not, then you must go to the website and Forfeit the game. Weather postponements are treated differently. When two teams can't agree on a make-up game, one of them must enter an IMPASSE before seven days are out. This will trigger an intervention by league ADMIN to determine whether there is a make-up date available that is fair to both teams.

    When the Update Game Status link is first clicked, the user is offered a menu of six "updating" actions:
    • Time or Field Has Changed, But Date Remains The Same
    • Weather Postponement Declarations - Situations where recent bad weather or other natural forces beyond the control of the home team have resulted in unplayable field/game conditions.
    • Non-Weather Postponement Requests - Applicable to situations where one team knows in advance that it won't be able to play the game as currently scheduled.
    • Forfeit Declarations
    • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations
    • Game was suspended and will be continued at a later date
    When any of these options is selected (clicked), the user will be prompted with various choices until the process is complete.

    Below is a list responsibilities and useful things to know about the general subject of your online schedule and keeping it up to date at all times. In addition, each of the six Game Status changes identified above will be reviewed. There are other FAQ that give even more specific detail on these six functions for updating the status of a game. Those FAQ follow this one.

    (1) CONFIRM SCHEDULED GAMES - All games should be confirmed by the home team a week in advance. If the visiting team has not been contacted by the home team, it should call the home team to confirm the game.

    (2) Protocol for postponements because of unplayable field conditions due to ACTUAL weather conditions (not forecast of bad weather):

    (a) If the decision is made in advance of the visiting team's arrival, the home team must inform the visiting team as soon as the decision to postpone is made.

    NOTE: If the home team acts irresponsibly and fails to inform the visiting team as soon as it knows the game(s) can't be played due to weather, the League reserves the right to grant a forfeit win(s) to the visiting team or require the game(s) be rescheduled at the visiting team's home field and/or fine the home team.

    (i)Any weather postponement must be entered on the website within 24 hours of the actual postponement (the sooner the better as all affected parties receive an auto-email notice);

    (ii) Both teams must agree to a reschedule date/time/place within 7 days AND enter the make-up game (reschedule of the postponed game) on the website.

    NOTE: Failure to abide by provision (ii) above shall result in a PASSED game. There is no penalty for PASSED games. PASSED games do not need to be made-up. PASSED games can be rescheduled via the ADD GAME function if both teams agree to do so.

    (b) If the visiting team has not been contacted by the home team but has considerable doubt about the weather, it should contact the home team but there is no penalty for not doing so.

    (c) If the visiting team is not informed by the home team that the game is actually postponed, and the visiting team fails to show up to play as scheduled, by rule, the game is recorded as a non-playing forfeit loss for the visiting team and the visiting team is responsible for all unavoidable and actually incurred game costs (umpires, field rentals etc.).

    (3) Discretionary Postponements i.e., Non-Weather-Related

    Definition: Postponements by mutual agreement not having to do with weather or field conditions are termed discretionary postponements.

    (a) Except for weather-related postponements discussed in (2) above, games can NOT be postponed without the mutual consent of both team managers. Other than during the "grace period" immediately following the official release of the League schedules, teams are under NO obligation to grant another team a discretionary postponement, hence, the name discretionary.

    Teams are even encouraged by the League not to grant discretionary postponements with less than a 7 day advance notice and only then if rescheduling would not cause them a hardship. The 7 day notice is intended to discourage teams from providing late notification.

    Even requests with 7 or more day advance notification are at the sole discretion of the team receiving the request. The later it is in the season, the more difficult it may be to grant such requests.

    (b) When both teams agree to a discretionary postponement:

    It is strongly recommended the reschedule date/time and field be agreed to in writing BEFORE a team grants another team a discretionary postponement. As explained below, any team team that grants another team a discretionary postponement assumes equal liability if that game remains unscheduled for 7 days i.e., NO more "free" forfeits of discretionary postponements to team A because the game doesn't matter to team B.

    (i) provisions 2-a-i through 2-a-ii above continue to apply, including penalties; and,

    (ii) all the above rules shall also apply to subsequent requests to postpone the same game i.e., just because you agreed to a discretionary request once, does not obligate you to agree to a second request on the same yet to be played game.

    (4) Forfeits

    Should there not be agreement to postpone a game, that game must either be played as scheduled or forfeited by the team unable to play.

    A forfeiting team must inform its opponent that it is forfeiting the game as soon as possible. The forfeiting team then must go to its online schedule and officially forfeit the game via the Update Game Status link by selecting:
    • Forfeit Declarations; and,
    • My team can't play and I am requesting a Non-Playing Forfeit.

    If your opponent has informed you that he is forfeiting to you but has not entered it to the website, you may do so, as follows:
    • Go to applicable game on your online schedule
    • click the Update Game Status link
    • then click Forfeit Declarations; and,
    • click My opponent can't play and has informed me he has forfeited but as yet, he has not updated the website to indicate that he has forfeited this game.

    For all non-playing forfeits, the forfeiting team shall be penalized as follows:

    (a) If the offending team is the away team, it must reimburse the home team within 72 hours for any unavoidable game expense actually incurred by the home team e.g., umpire fees and/or field rental fees.

    (b) The offending team shall also pay the League a fine for each non-playing forfeit, due within 72 hours following the non-playing forfeit. This fine shall be progressive in $50 increments. The fine for the first two forfeits is suspended for teams that provide their opponents with more than three days notice of the forfeit.

    (c) A team's 5th non-playing forfeit shall disqualify it from eligibility for a league berth in any post-season sanctioned tournament that it would be otherwise eligible for.

    (d) The 6th overall non-playing forfeit by any team may result in the team's suspension from the League.

    (5) Un-played Games

    SCENARIO: The regular seasons ends and a team still has one or more games to play that would ordinarily count in the STANDINGS.

    The standings are final and NEITHER team gets a win or a loss for any game that remains un-played after the official end of the regular season.

    (6) Knockout Rules and Fines For non-playing Forfeits i.e., loss of sanctioned tournament eligibility.

    To reiterate, any team that has five non-playing forfeit losses shall be ineligible to receive a sanctioned tournament berth. Any team with six or more non-playing forfeit losses may be suspended from the League. Each non-playing forfeit loss also incurs a League fine that is progressive in $50 increments, payable to the League within 72 hours of the forfeited game. The fine for the first two forfeits is suspended if notice of more than three days is provided.

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  • Weather Postponements, Make-Up Games and IMPASSEs
  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.
  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits
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