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Team Registration Part I - Team Activation

  • What is it?
  • What is the difference between a club and a team?
  • Who activates a club and its teams?
  • When does club/team activation begin/end?
  • Is there a connection between club/team activation and player protection?
  • ***What Do I Need To Do To Activate My Club/Teams?

    ***What Do I Need To Do To Activate My Club/Teams?

    • NEW MEMBERS - Must identify and provide full contact info for the club Owner Of Record, the club GM, and the name, age, power level, and manager (full contact info including mailing address, email address, and phone numbers) for each team. First-time members will probably want to call the League Director: Ed Frye (518-356-9089) to discuss their situation and the league before they make the decision to join; and,
    • EXISTING MEMBERS - ALL club/team data from prior year are preserved in the system. Club GM needs only identify which teams are being continued in the new season and update/edit all known changes for his re-activated teams, if any (does not include roster changes). If the club is intending to register new teams, this information can be provided at the same time.
    Each year the website is "rolled over" for the new season i.e., re-initialized for the new calendar year and loaded with program data for the new season. This usually happens sometime in mid-December. Once the website is rolled over, all clubs and teams from the previous calendar year (spring/summer as well as fall) are deactivated. This means all passwords previously issued to members of those teams and clubs are turned "off" i.e., they no longer work.

    To regain access to the website each club GM must contact Ed Frye by phone (518-356-9089) and confirm/update the information on all returning teams (new age, classification, managers/coaches etc.). Also, any new teams can be entered at this time or any time thereafter. As soon as a club and its teams have been activated, all its old passwords will be turned back on, thereby restoring full access to the ENYTB website for their entire organization for another year.

    For a more detailed discussion of website access privileges CLICK HERE

    Clubs and Teams can NOT activate themselves on the website. This can be done only by calling the League Director: Ed Frye @518-356-9089.

    Activation (or pre-registration) is the first step in the larger process of registration. Roster data and scheduling inputs are not needed until later in the registration process.

    When a new member activates a team, all registered persons linked to that team shall receive an email welcoming them to the league and giving them their personal password. They also will be added to the league email list.

    NOTE: Passwords are randomly generated but can be easily changed by any member at:
    → MY TEAM → Personal Profile → My Contact Info.

    NOTE: Email preferences can be customized at:
    → MY TEAM → Personal Profile → My Email Preferences

    In addition, once activated, the team name instantly appears on the ENYTB Team Activation Board, located at: → HOME.


    STEP 1 - Have all information identified in steps 3-6 below ready at hand.

    RETURNING CLUBS/TEAMS: The website preserves all club/team information from the prior year. This means the same information never has to be entered twice to the website. Once a person is identified in the system, his ID record can be linked to any club or team in any capacity. This is true for rosters/players as well. This means you can re-arrange your mangers and coaches by simply unlinking and linking them. An intra-league transfer function on each team roster allows clubs to transfer players between and among their own teams.

    If all information for a club and its teams stayed the same from one year to the next, the club GM would not have to provide the league with any new info to re-activate each year, other than to indicate its intent to participate again (and proof of insurance for all its teams). In such cases, the club GM could need only to say, please activate my club, all my teams and all my home fields from last year as is and he would be done.

    STEP 2 - Contact Ed Frye at 518-356-9089.

    STEP 3 - The league is organized by clubs. Each member is a club and each club can have any number of teams.

    Each club must have a name, an owner of record (individual or organization) and a designated club GM. This includes name, address, email, phone numbers for each etc.

    No club/team in good standing with ENYTB is rejected from membership. However, the league has several different membership categories. Thus, you will be asked some quick questions to allow us to ascertain what membership classification you qualify for. This depends on such factors as whether an existing member already occupies the same area you will be drawing the majority of your players from, how many teams you plan to have, their ages, and plans for re-participation each year i.e., will the youngest aged team be replaced each year with a new team.

    Once the club membership has been established, the website sends an email to the club GM with his club level password. With this password, the club GM has master access to info for all his teams on the website and can move from one team to another w/o having to log-in over and over under different passwords.

    STEP 4 - At the same time as STEP 3 or at a later time, the club GM needs to identify all its teams by name, age, and power level. The club rep must also provide the league admin with the name and contact info for the team manager when he activates each team.

    The system issues a private log-in for the manager and emails it to him. At that point, either the manager and/or the club rep has the capability to link (existing persons) or add new, the remaining coaches, team contacts and ultimately, players.

    Each team must have both a primary contact and a secondary contact. The website is programmed to limit a team's access to premium content if it fails to link a person to each contact position.

    Manager and coaching information is used by the league to register teams with its sanctioning bodies. This info can be entered via the club home page or team home page. As each individual is linked to his team (player or coach) he receives his own personal password that will give him access to his team's password protected content. (If a dad is a team coach, he will get two passwords, one for him and one for his player - the two passwords will have different access privileges.)

    IMPORTANT: If this step is ignored the website is programmed to limit your team's access to premium content.

    STEP 5 - The club GM shall provide the league with the name and address of the club's home field(s). The club GM shall enter field directions for each field at a later time.

    STEP 6 - The club GM shall provide the league with name and email address of his local newspaper(s).

    Summary of info required for club/team activation:
    • Identify your club's owner of record (full contact info, incl email address). This can be a person or organization;
    • Identify who is to serve as your club's “representative to the league aka GM” (the person who will be responsible to league for all matters related to your club, team(s) and the league);
    • Identify the name of your club;
    • Identify the name of your team(s), as well as its age and competition level (hi, med, low);
    • Identify who will serve as the team manager (full contact info, incl email address);
    • Identify who will serve as primary contact person for the team (full contact info, incl email address);
    • Identify who will serve as the team's secondary contact person (full contact info, incl email address);
    • Identify the name(s) of your home field(s), as well as their address, including zip code, and directions to your ballpark from north, south, east and west.

    Once these steps have been completed, the new member is fully activated on the website and everyone in his organization has their own private password for website access. The same will be true for players once they are added to the team's roster.

    REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED - Each new member must pay a security deposit of $225 to get their club activated. This money is refundable UNLESS the club fails to register any teams. If the new club registers one or more teams, this money will be used as a deposit against league fines. Any balance at the end of the season will be refunded to the club or carried forward to the next season as a credit, at the discretion of the club. All clubs are required to maintain a $225 security deposit at all times throughout the year to maintain their ENYTB roster protection privileges.

    LENGTH OF ACTIVATION PHONE CALL - This depends on three things:
    • Whether you are a new or returning member. The process is a bit more time consuming for new members because all information must be entered for the first time rather than just updated;
    • The number of teams your club intends to register. The more teams, the longer it will take; and,
    • Whether you have all required information immediately available.

    A new member with one team and all information readily available should expect to be on the phone for between 15 and 30 minutes. Add 10 minutes for each additional team. A returning member with one returning team and all information readily available can expect to be done in under 5 minutes. Add a minute or two for each additional returning team with minimal edits. Add 10 minutes for each additional new team.


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