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  • What To Do If Your Opponent Can't Play But You Still Want To Play Or If You Just Want More Games
  • Once the schedule is set, how do I use the website to find opponents for additional games, including on dates my opponent canceled and make-up dates?

    Pick-Up Games

    OK, you have taken two forfeit wins for this coming Saturday but that still leaves the issue of what are you going to do on Saturday? The weather forecast is sunny and 75 degrees and your team was really looking forward to the Saturday DH.

    You can contact the league and ask if there are any other forfeits or postponements on that day where the team that was canceled would be an appropriate opponent.

    Beyond that, the website gives you two tools to help you find a new opponent:
    • Tools > Pick-Up Games > Game Requests > Search; and,
    • Tools > Pick-Up Games > Game Requests > Add Request.
    This is a bulletin board. It shows you who is looking for games and allows you to post your own request(s).

    Additional search options defined below are not operational with ENYTB's new scheduling interfaces (new in 2015). We hope to reprogram these functions in the future.

    This option is a bit too passive for some folks, especially if time is of the essence. If you want to be more proactive about finding a game, or you are looking for potential make-up dates, there are two other options:
    • Tools > Pick-Up Games > Search Availability > By Date; and,
    • Tools > Pick-Up Games > Search Availability > By Opponent.
    These search functions use the team and field availability information submitted by each team as well as their current schedules.

    By Date - You tell it what range of teams you are willing to play e.g. 14Gold thru 15Silver and the website will return a list of teams available to play that day.

    By Opponent - This function is usually used to help find make-up dates of if you have a strong desire to play another particular team. You enter that team's name and the search returns all possible play dates for your team and the selected team, based on the availability data supplied to the league and each team's current schedule - doing the legwork for you!

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