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  • Summary: Step-By-Step Team Registration Instructions
  • How much do I owe?
  • Column 1 - Where and what is my online team registration form?
  • MANDATORY - Team Registration Form

    MANDATORY - Team Registration Form

    The website provides every "active" team with a customized team registration page. To sign-up for regular season play, post-season sanctioning and/or tournament eligibility, you must complete this form. Otherwise we would have no way of knowing what you want or whether you even looked at the form. Look at this form as a menu in a restaurant. It is MANDATORY that every team complete this form, save it and confirm it. This form is then used to create your team bill/invoice.

    NOTE: "Inactive" teams can not do anything on the website because they have no access privileges i.e., they see only the free content that the public sees. To activate your club and teams, contact Ed Frye at 518-356-9089. Please read the FAQ on Team Activation prior to calling.

    To find your team registration page you need to log-in and place your cursor on the MY TEAM menu (located near the top of the home page), and drill down as follows:

    → MY TEAM
    → Team Account
    → Post-Season Eligibility Options (Mandatory Confirm)

    If you follow a very similar path:

    → MY TEAM
    → Team Account
    → Team Invoice

    You will find an itemized invoice corresponding to your registration selections and a final team bill.

    NOTE: Club owners and reps can view their consolidated account (invoice) for their teams by going to:

    → MY CLUB
    → Club Account
    → Consolidated Invoice

    or by clicking here.


    Team options and fees vary across the league depending on the age and competition level of the team e.g., 13Gold vs 14High Silver etc.

    The Team Options page is customized to each team according to its age and competition level. This means only the options and fees applicable to your team, based on its age and competition level, are shown. This pages provides a comprehensive listing of all program options, and associated fees, available to your team via ENYTB registration. To see what is included in a post-season "package", simply click on its check-box. If you wish to purchase the option, leave it checked. If not, click it again and it will uncheck.


    At the top of your team registration page you will find a section pertaining to the regular season only. Most teams will pay a single fee that will cover all league services for the entire regular season. (NOTE: Any mandatory fees will be permanently checked e.g., tournament hosting fee applicable to all G/HS teams in your age division.) Teams w/o home fields (at 13U and older) would be assessed an added fee here as well.


    The rest of the team registration page provides teams with centralized access to various tournament packages.

    As stated above, all post-season options are offered on an a la carte basis.

    NOTE: Beginning 2016, at 13U and older, one post-season sanctioned tournament is designated as mandatory all Gold and High Silver teams.

    NCTS Packages

    The first group of tournament packages includes "eligibility" for competitive berths to sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS). By eligibility we mean teams pay a share of the entry fee (25% or less) in order to compete with other ENYTB teams who have paid a similar amount to be eligible. Standings are used to determine which eligible teams are awarded competitive berths. Typically a strength-of-schedule adjusted standings, based on regular season play, is used to determine the teams that actually advance to the NCTS. Those that advance do not pay ENYTB any additional fees to participate in the NCTS tournaments and in some cases, the sanctioning bodies provide teams with some assistance with travel expenses.

    Some of these competitive berths are also available on a direct buy-in (DBI) basis. This means the team pays the full cost of the berth and knows from day 1 that they are going to that tournament. This greatly helps in planning time off, fundraising, planning transportation and hotel arrangements, etc. More on DBI entry below.

    Since most ENYTB teams are registered in two adjacent age divisions (at no extra charge), they have two lists of NCTS options to choose from, one for each age level. Normally a team would select tournament packages at its own age level but in some cases, tournaments in the next age level up could be more appealing based on location, date, availability of travel money etc. Also, as teams age up, one year of age is less of a competitive factor.

    To view or select any NCTS package, simply click the box next to that package. The selected NCTS package will open, in the color associated with that sanctioning choice. The dates and sites of each tournament in the selected NCTS will show. Each NCTS package will have an associated fee. For teams desiring to maximize their chances for sanctioned tournament participation, packages are sometimes also grouped together and offered at a discount. The package fee will include both the sanctioning fee (where applicable) and tournament fee (if any) associated with that package.

    To register for any package, you click the check-box next to it and leave it checked (the option stays open on the page). If, after looking at the details of a package, you don't wish to register for that package, you click the check-box again to turn it off. When you do this it will disappear from view.


    Below the NCTS section is the "direct buy-in" section. To buy one of these options, simply click its check-box. A check-mark will appear. If you change your mind, click on the box again and the check-mark will go away.

    When you buy a direct buy-in package you are paying the full entry fee for the event and thus, your entry to that event is guaranteed.

    NOTE: Some direct buy-in packages require sanctioning, and some do not. ENYTB's Last Man Standing tournaments do not require sanctioning but the various NCTS events offered by the individual sanctioning bodies obviously do.

    Lastly, some of these direct buy-in packages are open to ENYTB members only e.g., June Madness and Super 8, and some are not e.g., Last Man Standing and ENYTB hosted sanctioned tournaments. Non-ENYTB teams can sign up for the Last Man Standing via the ECTB website. Non-ENYTB teams can sign up for sanctioned tournaments via the sanctioning bodies.


    After you have made your registration choices click SAVE at the bottom of the page. This will store your choices. Next you will be asked to confirm whether your registration choices are final or tentative.

    (NOTE: To get a "Y" in column (1) your registration choices must confirmed as final.) After indicating final or tentative, an itemized invoice of your actual choices and total fee will appear. Check it over and verify it is correct. If it isn't, simply repeat the above steps.

    Until registration closes, you can change your registration choices any way you like w/o penalty. Once registration closes, your choices are locked in. You can return to view your team invoice, or to print your receipt, at any time.

    When a team makes payment, the payment is recorded at the bottom of the team invoice (or club invoice in the case of clubs that pay for all their teams with a single check). Once your team is fully paid its name will change colors on the Activation Board and appear in the color of money, green, click HERE to see. You can also print a receipt from your team or club invoice page using your browser's copy/paste functions or a snipping tool.

  • Make Checks Payable To ENYTB and Send Here.....
  • Payment In Full Is Due NO LATER Than The Close Of Registration

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