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    Instructions To Club GMs For Entering Field Availability Schedules For Your Teams

    Instructions To Club GMs
    For Creating Field Availability Schedules For Your Teams

    An instructional video illustrating how to use all aspects of the FA Interface is forthcoming. Until then, this FAQ shall serve as a comprehensive tutorial on the entering of one's field availability scheduling inputs via → MY CLUB → Home Fields → Field Availability.

    To be scheduled using Self-Scheduler:
    • Each TEAM must fill out its team availability; and,
    • Each CLUB must enter at least one field availability schedule for each of its active home fields and link each of its teams to at least one of those field availability schedules.
    NOTE: Teams enter their own team availability at → MY TEAM → Team Schedule → My Scheduling Inputs → Team Availability.

    DEFINITION: Field Availability Schedule - a calendar showing open field time on a give home field reserved for the exclusive use of one or more teams for the purpose of scheduling home games within ENYTB.

    Only persons with club level access (usually club owners and club GMS) are allowed to construct field schedules i.e., to enter open field time to the website for a particular home field and to link teams to that field time.

    Before a club can create a field availability schedule it needs League Admin to link its home fields to its club (usually done during activation but can be done at anytime) and to assign to each of its home fields, a field a time profile (FTP) for the full season. FTP defines how a particular home field will be sliced into game slots (starting times) on a daily basis.

    So once your home fields are linked to your club and each home field has a super-imposed FTP for the current season that is agreeable to your club GM, he may begin constructing field availability schedules for his home fields and teams.

    NOTE: A single home field can have one or more non-overlapping field schedules.


    1 - Select a home field from the "My Home Fields" droplist;

    2 - Select an existing field schedule from the next droplist and click VIEW. The full field availability calendar will appear below. You can enter and/or edit your inputs as necessary.

    NOTE: If your home field has no field schedules yet, click VIEW to bring up an ADD button that allows you to add a new field schedule for this home field.

    3 - When adding a new field schedule, it must be initialized.

    DEFINITION: Initialization - During Initialization, you are given various options for setting the initial YES/NO pattern for open field time on a new field availability schedule. In teh next step, this pattern will be edited by the club to form the ACTUAL field schedule. Thus, initialization is merely a time saving measure i.e., pick the combination of initialization options that will yield a starting schedule requiring the fewest necessary edits to transform into the ACTUAL field schedule.

    4 - Editing (to make ACTUAL FIELD SCHEDULE) - For each time slot that needs to be changed from NOT AVAILABLE to AVAILABLE, click NO to switch to YES and for each time slot that needs to be changed from from AVAILABLE to NOT AVAILABLE, click YES to switch to NO.

    NOTE: If your field schedule is missing yes/no switches for certain dates and times, and instead says USED. This means either of two things. Either you have already created a field schedule that has used this time slot or another ENYTB club is using the same home field and has already claimed that time on its field schedule.

    5 - Link all team(s) to this field schedule that you wish to be scheduled from this field schedule. If you wish to limit a team's access to a fixed max # of home games on this home field or to secondary access only, you may do that as well.

    6 - Review all your inputs for a field availability schedule and verify they are correct by clicking its E-VERIFY button.
    You are done.

    The information below is somewhat repetitive but is presented on a bit more detailed basis.

    • Clubs – Are linked to 1 or more home fields (during member activation or later);
    • FA allows teams to create field schedules for each of their home fields;
    • Home fields – Can be linked to 1 or more field schedules (usually one but if field time needs to be partitioned among various team groupings, a separate field schedule can be created for each team grouping; and,
    • Field Schedules – Must be linked to one or more teams.
    FIELD SCHEDULE INITIALIZATION - When you create a new field schedule, you will need to “initialize” it before you will actually see it. During Initialization, you assign a "trial" YES/NO to each time slot using a pattern you select. You are given various initialization patterns to choose from e.g., day-by-day, combined with all = no or all = yes; or a weekly pattern where the user defines his own typical weekly YES/NO pattern. The idea is to initialize your field schedule so as to result in the fewest necessary edits. This acts as a time saving measure.

    NOTE: Each home field has its own “Field Time Profile” or FTP. Only admins can reset a FTP. When an FTP is reset, all field time data previously entered for that home field is lost so clubs should make sure they are comfortable with their current FTP settings when they initialize their first field schedule for a given home field. If not, they need to contact the league through the HelpDesk and specify the FTP times they prefer.
    • Default FTP = 9:30/12pm/3/5:30pm on weekends and 6pm on M-F. If field is lighted, 8pm on weekends and 8:15pm on weekdays;
    • FTP can be customized to member’s preference (except FTP for sat/sun must be set the same and FTP for M-F must be set the same); and,
    • If two or more clubs share the same home field, the FTP will be set according to the preferences of the members who uses the field the most.
    Each field schedule:
    • Must have at least one yes on it – click on “no” to make it a “yes”. Yes means you have open field time at that date//time for scheduling in this league;
    • Must be E-verified – this tells the league that you have reviewed your field schedules for accuracy and that they are ready to be used for scheduling your home games; and,
    • Must be linked to at least one team. Link can be primary or secondary. The same team can be linked to multiple field schedules, when appropriate.
    Once a schedule has been named and created, use the VIEW button to load it to the page for review/editing. (Select field and field schedule and click VIEW.)

    A common mistake with field schedules that early users are committing is that they (clubs) are creating the same named field schedule multiple times.

    • If the club needs to have multiple field schedules for the same home field (that is OK but is not usually the case), make sure each field schedule has a unique name. For example, a club may have 2 teams sharing a single home field. It may wish to have three field schedules. One that is exclusive to team A, one that is exclusive to team B and one that allows both teams to share a common set of playing time. In this method. unused field time on an exclusive field schedule is not available to other of your teams (anti-conflict logic). However, FA also allows users to link a teams as primary or. secondary. So one could make one team primary and one team secondary on the exclusive field schedule. This would allow the secondary team to have access to unused field time at the end of the scheduling process.
    • FA also allows clubs to limit the number of home games any of its teams can have on a given home field.
    • FA also allows clubs to link teams from other clubs to its field schedules. This is useful when a club gives or rents out a portion of its field time to another member. This can be done on a primary or secondary basis and a limit can be placed on the max number of home games each of these other teams is allowed.
    • Anti-conflict logic – The same field time can not be claimed on the same home field on more than one field schedule. For example, you and I are different clubs sharing the same home field. You set up your field schedules first and claim all the time slots on our common home field for Saturdays. When I create my field schedule for that home field, the system will not allow me to claim any field time on Saturdays.
    Each item discussed above can be illustrated from the actual interface. Exception: FTP is available to admin only via Admin > Activation.


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