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    Summary: Step-By-Step Team Registration Instructions

    Step-By-Step Team Registration Instructions

    Every club and team that wants to participate in the league must pre-register with the league each year. This preliminary step is called "activation" and is done by phone only. Contact Ed Frye at 518-356-9089.

    NOTE: Returning teams must activate before Feb 1st or lose their league roster protection from the prior year.

    Once activated, all personnel linked to the club and its team have active passwords (players too for returning teams with rosters). For a more complete explanation of website access privileges CLICK HERE.

    Activation is the first step in the larger process of registration. All clubs are required to complete the following tasks in the order presented to complete the REGISTRATION process:

    1. Add Your Players To Your Online ENYTB Roster
    2. Enter your post-season eligibility choices (sanctioned & other tournaments) by clicking the appropriate check-boxes on a single online form called "Team Registration". Save and confirm as final;
    3. Your itemized team invoice will tell you each item your team purchased, what it cost and as well as total amount owed. Submit registration payment (payable to ENYTB c/o Ed Frye, 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303);
    4. Provide your scheduling inputs to your League Navigator (LN) via a telephone interview. Club GMs may email their field availability inputs to their LN if they wish. Once your LN has completed entering your scheduling inputs to the website, you must VERIFY the accuracy of the inputs via your team and field availability calendars. If calendar(s) are accurate, click the CONFIRM button near the top of each calendar.
      NOTE: Confirming registration choices and scheduling inputs is a crucial part of the overall registration process;
    5. Submit proof of age for your players (if needed) and proof of team insurance to your LN; and,
    6. Create your sanctioned regular season rosters by linking the players on your ENYTB Roster to each of your sanctioned regular season roster(s). (NOTE: Post-season sanctioning choices (steps 1 and 2 above) must be completed before the website will assign a blank sanctioned roster to a team. Confirm that you have completed your sanctioned rosters. Again, it is crucial that each team has confirmed its sanctioned rosters as completed.
    Each of these topics will be addressed more completely below.

    NOTE: Roster protection does not begin until the player has been added to your ENYTB roster online. For this reason, we advise teams to establish their rosters ASAP (step 1). If you are taking players from other ENYTB teams, it may be in your interest to wait till Feb 1 to add them to your roster in case the player's prior year's team does not activate itself for the current season, in which case the player would become an UFA on Feb 1.

    NOTE: Steps 1 thru 3 must be completed before league scheduling begins or your team will NOT be included in the league scheduling process. Exceptions may be granted as necessary for individual items when requested e.g., waiting for their home field dates/times.

    League Scheduling Start Dates:

    March 1st - Ages 12U and Under
    April 1st - Ages 13U and Older


    • ENYTB offers teams many post-season options on an ala carte basis. Thus, each team must make and confirm its program selections (done online at → MY TEAM → Team Account → Post-Season Eligibility Options or Click Here. Even if you want nothing other than regular season play, you must save and confirm your team registration page;
    • To identify the total amount your team owes go to either your club or team invoice: MY TEAM → Team Account → Team Invoice or Click Here;
    • All payments are expected before registration closes. Make check payable to ENYTB, c/o Ed Frye, 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303. When payment is received, it will be recorded at the bottom of your invoice page. That is your receipt (it can be printed from the website). Also, when a team is fully paid its name will be colored green on the Activation Board on the home page;
    • Contact your League Navigator when you are ready to give him your scheduling inputs for both team availability (MY TEAM → Team Schedule → My Scheduling Inputs → Team Availability → Preference Settings or Click Here and field availability (MY TEAM → Team Schedule → My Scheduling Inputs → Field Availability → Field Availability or Click Here;
    • Your League Navigator will enter your scheduling info to the website while you are on the phone. Each club/team is required to verify the accuracy of its various team's scheduling calendars ASAP (both team availability and field availability);
    • If the information inputs shown on the calendar are correct, click the CONFIRM buttons on the respective calendar, if not, phone your league Navigator ASAP to make your corrections. Teams must verify the accuracy of their scheduling calendars/inputs before league scheduling begins. If they fail to do so, the league will NOT make any changes to their schedule once games are scheduled;
    • Enter your players to your online roster (online at MY TEAM → Team Rosters → ENYTB → View/Edit My ENYTB Regular Season Roster or Click here ;
    • Where needed, send proof of player's DOB (scan/email to your league Navigator via his email address if you can);
    • Send an electronic copy of your team insurance cert w ENYTB listed as additional insured (scan/email to your League Navigator's email address).

  • How much do I owe?
  • Column 1 - Where and what is my online team registration form?
  • MANDATORY - Team Registration Form
  • Make Checks Payable To ENYTB and Send Here.....
  • Payment In Full Is Due NO LATER Than The Close Of Registration

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