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    Quickie Overview Of What To Do Depending On The Situation

    (1) Game is rained out.

    Home team postpones on website.

    (A) What if he doesn't?

    Contact him to tell him he needs to do so ASAP.

    (B) What if he still doesn't?

    Contact Ed Frye BEFORE 7 days is up.

    (C) What if he does postpone on website but doesn't give me an agreeable make-up date and time is running out on the 7 day window for a reschedule?

    Declare an IMPASSE on the website. IMPASSEs mean the two teams have not agreed on a make-up and you want the game to be rescheduled. An IMPASSE stops the 7 day clock and the league will be notified and intervene to help.

    (2) I show up at my opponent's field and he doesn't have 9 players.

    (A) What do I do?

    Wait 20 minutes and if 9th player doesn't show, declare a forfeit on the website.

    (B) What if it was a scheduled DH?

    Declare two forfeits on the website.

    (3) My opponent doesn't want to play a future game and neither do I.

    (A) What do we do?

    One of you must request a No Harm No Foul Cancellation through the website (Update Game Status) and the other must grant the cancellation by saying yes via the website.

    (B) Is there any penalty for either team?

    No, hence the name, ho harm, no foul.

    (4) My opponent has called me and requested a non-weather postponement.

    (A) Should I give it to him?

    It is up to you unless the game is less than five days away (non-weather postponements are not allowed once a game is less than five days away).

    (B) What factors should I consider?

    You may want to consider your opponent's reason. If it's because a certain player won't be available, that's not a good reason. Nor is I won't have 9 players because teams having trouble fielding 9 players will always have trouble fielding 9 players. Nor is the manager can't be there. Let the coaches manage the team. Now, if there has been a death affecting the team, that is different.

    If your opponent doesn't have a legitimate reason, I wouldn't grant a postponement, period.

    Assuming his reason is legitimate, it would still depend on whether you have an open date in your schedule to make such a game up. If you do and your opponent agrees to it, then why not. On the other hand, if you don't have an open date, why would you grant him a postponement? ENYTB schedules are customized before the season begins. Teams are expected to play all their games as scheduled except if prevented by rain. If they don't, they should expect to have to forfeit. The first two forfeits will not hurt any team i.e., no fine, no post-season penalty. Any team that forfeits three or more games deserves to be penalized.

    (C) I want to play this team and if take a forfeit I won't be able to.

    NOT TRUE. The two have nothing to do with each other. Any two teams, by mutual agreement, can add games to their schedule and those games will count the same as if they were on the original schedule. That is what the Add Game function is for (located on the blue menu bar when schedule is selected).

    (5) What if my team is lazy and doesn't update its schedule and my opponents are the same?

    Seven days after the date a game was scheduled to be played, it will be classified as PASSED if nobody has updated its status in some way, including a score. A PASSED game is the equivalent of a NHNF cancellation. Neither team cared enough to update its schedule so poof, the game no longer matters.

    Why do you have PASSED games?

    To prevent teams from accumulating unplayed games throughout the season and then submitting a bunch of forfeit wins in the last days of the season to go from last to first place and win a tournament berth. Unfortunately, before we had this system, teams did that.

    Is there any difference between a PASSED game and an IMPASSE?

    The two have NOTHING to do with each other. IMPASSES apply to weather postponed games only and when selected, stops the 7 day clock for a PASSED game. PASSED games are games other than IMPASSES, that have not been scored or rescheduled withing seven days of the scheduled play date.

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  • More Specifics On The General Process Of Changing The Status Of A Game
  • Can I Add Games To My Online Schedule?
  • PASSED Games - What are they?
  • Are Home Teams Allowed To Change The Starting Time By Two Hours Or Less w/o Permission From Their Opponent?
  • Weather-Related Postponements - Incl Threat Of Bad Weather As Opposed To Actual Bad Weather
  • Weather Postponements, Make-Up Games and IMPASSEs
  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.
  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits
  • One game of a doubleheader was completed but not the other, how do I record this on my schedule?

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