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  • What is ORMS?
  • Everything you need to know about ENYTB's ONLINE ROSTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

    Everything you need to know about ENYTB's ONLINE ROSTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

    Because of the league's affiliation with multiple sanctioning bodies, each with its own player eligibility criteria and information requirements, ENYTB teams must maintain multiple inter-related rosters. New members often find this confusing. Veteran members often do as well. To help in this regard, this FAQ, along with Getting Started > Managers/Coaches > Rosters) provides a comprehensive explanation of league rosters and sanctioned rosters, as well as how they inter-relate and how the eligibility criteria applicable to each roster type are automatically enforced i.e., "smart-rosters".

    But first, an important aside.

    As is described below, the RML website makes the task of maintaining an inter-related set of rosters as painless and efficient as possible. For example, players need to be added to the website only once, regardless of the number of roster types a team may be required to maintain. Also, the official form of each sanctioning body is reproduced and printed, with all required information automatically filled in. Thus, all the team has to do is enter its player info to the system one time and the website does the rest.

    It is an important and shared responsibility of every club rep and team manager to keep their online rosters current at all times.

    What follows is a comprehensive discussion of: rosters; roster types; and, how the website's online roster management system enforces the eligibility criteria applicable to each roster type.

    Each team has various online rosters, including:
    • One roster for ENYTB regular season play (league restrictions on player eligibility);
    • One regular season roster for each sanctioning body that a team is registered with (formed from players on the team's league roster); and,
    • One tournament roster for each sanctioning body that a team is registered with (formed from players on its sanctioned regular season roster and from players it has "drafted" from other team's sanctioned regular season rosters.)

    (NOTE: Tournament rosters are available only to teams that have won a tournament berth.)

    RML's online roster management system, or "smart-rosters", enforces all mandatory player eligibility criteria established by the league and its sanctioning bodies for each roster type; including,
    • age,
    • league player rights,
    • cut-off dates set by sanctioning bodies for post-season eligibility,
    • roster limits,
    • player eligibility for drafting, etc.

    The website will NOT let a player be added to a roster if he would violate any of the eligibility criteria applicable to any given roster type. Any such "failures" would trigger an on-screen message informing you that the player could not be added to that particular roster because of whatever particular violation.

    Basics of how RML online roster management system operates:

    (A) Player info is entered to the website only once.

    (B) The website will attempt to add the player to a team's league roster first. If the player fails any of the league's eligibility criteria, it will trigger an on-screen message informing you that the player could not be added to your league roster and the specific violation will be identified. Thus, the league roster serves not only for league eligibility purposes but it is a first step eligibility test for each sanctioned roster.

    (C) Once the player qualifies for the team's league roster, the website then attempts to add the player to each of the team's sanctioned rosters by testing the player against the additional eligibility criteria of each sanctioning body. If the player doesn't violate any of the additional restrictions of each respective sanctioning body, the player is automatically added to each sanctioned roster. Once again, the user will be alerted with an on-screen message when a player fails any of these roster eligibility tests.

    NOTE: If the player is added prior to the team making its registration selections, this step is skipped and must be done manually by the team once registration has been completed.

    If it is too late to add a player to a certain sanctioned roster, there is nothing the user can do to get the player on that roster.

    If the player exceeds the roster limit, the user has the option of removing another player from that roster and adding the current player, provided the cut-off date for doing so hasn't passed. The website provides teams with a simple mechanism for moving players on/off both their regular season (prior to cut-off date) and tournament rosters. For example, the roster limit varies by sanctioning body and is always less that that allowed by the league. Thus, were the size of a team's league roster to exceed the maximum of a sanctioned roster, some players would have to be left off the sanctioned roster.

    NOTE: The website also maintains each returning team's league roster from the prior year. To initialize its roster for the upcoming season, a returning team needs only to go to:

    My Team > Roster Manager > ENYTB

    and remove the check-mark from the check-box corresponding to any non-returning player and click the "initialize" button at the bottom of the player list.

    When a team initializes its roster it triggers an email to be sent from the website to each returning player welcoming him back to your team and this league and providing him with his personal log-in for the website. Each returning player is then added to your team's league roster and each of its sanctioned rosters for the current year as described above. When any new or returning team adds a new player to its roster, the player receives the same email welcome with his personal log-in.

    More detail re: each roster type:

    (1) Regular season eligibility roster i.e., league roster.

    Regardless of registration choices, ALL ENYTB teams have to maintain and keep current a league roster. The league roster serves as each team''s official roster list as far as player eligibility for ENYTB regular season play is concerned.

    To legally participate in an ENYTB League game:

    (A) a player MUST must appear on his team's league/ENYTB roster BEFORE he appears in a League game;
    (B) a copy of player's proof of age must be provided to the league office - in season additions have 72 hours from the time they appear in their first league game to comply with this requirement.
    (C) a player can be added to the league at anytime, provided the league roster limit isn't exceeded.
    (D) a player can be dropped at any time to make room for another player. Once dropped, a player is not eligible to play for that team again in the same season. Players can changer teams in mid-season, provided they are released by their first team.

    The league roster is available online only because, unlike sanctioned rosters, it does not need to be submitted to any 3rd parties. That is why it has no print function.

    (2) NABF Regular Season Roster

    No signatures required/no form to submit (League Office can print).

    ENYTB registers ALL its teams with NABF. This qualifies the League to purchase the maximum possible tournament berths from NABF. Thus, it is necessary that all teams to keep current their online NABF regular season roster, even those with no interest in NABF tournament eligibility themselves. All teams benefit from being NABF registered, including: team eligibility for NABF insurance and player eligibility to be "drafted" by other ENYTB teams as pick-up players for NABF sanctioned tournament play.

    NABF roster protocol:

    (a) NABF has separate roster forms for determining eligibility for the regular season and their tournament series;
    (b) NABF regular season rosters do NOT need to be signed. Thus, they need only be entered online and the League Office can print them off the website and submit them to NABF.
    (c) In the event your team wins and accepts an NABF tournament berth, the website will then provide you with a NABF tournament roster form to be completed at that time.

    Note: NABF tournament rosters must be printed from by the team because they require signatures. The signed NABF tournament roster must be submitted to the league office for league certification.

    (3) NABF tournament rosters (for those teams that win/accept NABF tournament berths).

    A team's NABF tournament roster is restricted to the players listed on its NABF regular season roster as well as up to six pick-up players from other teams in the league that are not participating in the NABF tournament series. The website includes a drafting function for the purpose of adding eligible pick-up players.

    Signatures are required. Teams must submit completed/signed form to the league office for certification.

    (4) NABF Classic rosters (a direct buy-in tournament sponsored by NABF):

    Signatures are required. Teams must submit completed/signed form to the league office for certification.

    All ENYTB league players are eligible.

    (5) AABC rosters (regular season).

    Signatures are no longer required. Thus, they need only be entered online and the League Office can print them off the website and submit them to AABC.

    Cut-off Dates:

    (i) June 15th (14U and younger)
    (ii)July 1 (15U and older).

    NOTE: Double-registered teams: If your team elected to be sanctioned at two different age levels under AABC, a second AABC roster must be completed for the higher age division (same rules as #5);

    The roster for the older aged team will be identical to your first AABC roster form except it will be labeled with a different age.

    (6) AABC tournament rosters (for those teams that win/accept AABC tournament berths).

    AABC uses the same form for its regular season and tournament rosters. The difference between the two is that teams are allowed to add three "pick-up" players for tournament play from other AABC registered teams in their league who did not qualify for AABC tournament play themselves.

    AABC regular season rosters (#5 above) can be extended online to include any pick-up players (max of 3). A new copy of the team's AABC roster must be presented at the tournament paperwork meeting held just prior to the start of each AABC tournament, with the drafted players added.

    Pick-up players are drafted immediately following the awarding of berths. The league conducts a draft, either at a tournament draft meeting or by email, in a prescribed order based on the results of regular season play. Unlike the draft by the major league sports, the best record drafts first.

    Once a team is designated online as having won and accepted a tournament berth, its AABC tournament roster will be made available online. ENYTB will conduct a draft add each team's drafted players to its respective tournament roster. Once this is done, the member team can print the final product from the website.

    (7) PONY regular season rosters (for ALL teams that register for PONY sanctioning).

    No signatures required/no form required (League office can print team PONY rosters from website).

    Any player not added to a PONY regular season roster prior to the PONY cut-off date shall be disqualified from being eligible to participate in a PONY tournament with that team or any other PONY tournament team as a draftee.

    (8) PONY tournament rosters (for teams that win/accept PONY tournament berths).

    Signatures are required. Teams must submit completed/signed form to league office for certification.

    Any team winning/accepting a PONY berth shall be provided an online PONY tournament roster. Teams may construct their tournament rosters by adding players from PONY regular season rosters from up to 10 PONY registered/eligible teams, including their own. This will be done by ENYTB via's "DRAFT" function. The tournament team must print its final PONY tournament roster from, obtain all required signatures and submit to the league office for certification.

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