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  • How Do League Participants Retrieve Their Own Password?
  • How Do League Participants Change Their Password?
  • I'm a manager/coach, why does the website say I have player level read only access?
  • I have a new email address. How do I changeover?
  • Club GMs - How to find passwords for your managers, coaches and contact persons?
  • Club GMs - How to verify whether a person in your organization has a working log-in.
  • Why is the website blocking my access to contact info for my oponents via my online schedule?
  • Club GMs - How to add/change team level persons so that they have passwords?
  • How Do Club Reps and/or Team Managers Add Their Coaches And Team Contact Persons To Their Team Directory?

    How Do Club Reps and/or Team Managers Add Their Coaches And Team Contact Persons To Their Team Directory?

    The website is designed to facilitate every facet of league participation and to enhance every participant's total league experience before and during each season. Thus, it is very important that every manager, coach, and player on your team has access to protected content on the website for his team or club.

    Club level users have the maximum member access privileges. Club level users have master access for all their registered teams and can switch among their teams without logging in and out with different passwords. Club level users also have additional functionality specific to their club. For more info see Help > Getting Started > The Website > Functions and/or by clicking the [About Website Access] hyperlink located at the very top of most webpages.

    The website employs a top-down approach for managing access to all restricted content.
    • Step 1 - Club owner designates his club rep to league admin;
    • Step 2 - Club rep - designates the team manager for each of his club's teams. This information is usually provided to and entered by the league when a team is created/activated. (The club rep has the ability to change his team managers on the website as he pleases.);
    • Step 2A - Club rep and/or owner also have the capability to grant club level access to other persons in their organization;
    • Step 3 - Team manager designates his coaches and team contacts on his Team Directory. This task can be also performed by the club rep.
    NOTE: Players receive their personal log-ins when they are linked to their team via the team roster function.

    IMPORTANT: Each club and team has complete control over who is authorized to have access to any protected content for their club and team, available via the My Club and My Team menus. In other words, the security system has been constructed so that no person can obtain access to a club or team's protected content unless they have been authorized by another person in your organization.

    When a team manager or any other person is linked to a club or team, he is issued a personal log-in. An automated email is then sent to that person's registered email address. The email includes his personal log-in, as well as the details of his appointment (team name, position and league name) and a link to the ENYTB website.

    How does a team manager add his coaches and team contact persons to his Team Directory?

    To add a team manager, coach or team contact person, follow these instructions:

    1. If you have not already done so: log-in and go to your Team Directory, located on your team home page or CLICK HERE;
    2. Click the word “link” opposite the vacant position you wish to fill;
    3. Open the drop-down box that appears and search for the person’s name you wish to appoint;

      NOTE: A person's contact information should be entered to the website once only. Once entered to the system, a person's "information record" thus created, can be linked to the same team or club in multiple capacities and/or to multiple teams and even clubs this year or in future years, w/o the person's information being re-entered. Player information (team roster) works the same way.
    4. If the person’s name is on the list, select it by clicking on it, then clicking OK. The person should now be linked to your team and an email with his personal log-in should be on its way to his ENYTB registered email address;
    5. If the person’s name is NOT on the list he must be added new. To add a new person, find the ADD NEW PERSON link, located at the top the Team Directory block, and click it. An information form comes up. Fill it out for the person you wish to add. After you are done, save the form. The system will ask if you wish to link this person to your team. Select yes and select the appropriate vacant position. NOTE: If the system does not ask to link this person to your team, simply return to your Team Directory and follow steps 3 and 4 above. Once the person has been linked to your team he will receive an email from the website giving him his personal log-in information et. al
    6. The process of issuing passwords is complete for each club when it has added all its coaches and players to the website. All such persons are termed “authorized users” i.e., persons entitled to access at least some password protected member content.
    NOTE: Failure by a team manager to register his coaches with the league via the website could result in the team disqualifying itself from post-season sanctioned tournament play as well as for coverage under its insurance policy i.e., most insurance plans require the injured player or coach to be listed on an official league roster form prior to the injury.

    NOTE: Every team manager is also required to designate on its Team Directory, both a primary and secondary contact person. Failure to do so will cause the website to block all persons linked to that team from having access to contact info for any of its league opponents via its online league schedule. W/o the latter information, the team is operating blind.

    NOTE: Players also need website access to view their team schedules and other protected content they may be interested in viewing. As each player is added to his team's roster, he is issued a personal log-in and sent an email notifying him of his personal log-in info et. al.

    Thus, it is the shared responsibility of each club owner, that owner's club rep (when different from the owner), and team manager, to fully "populate" its team(s) with manager, coaches, team contact persons and players. When completed, every person associated with the team in an official capacity ought to have a personal log-in.

    To determine whether you have been linked to a team and have a personal log-in for that team, simply click the [Lost My Password] hyperlink at the top of every webpage and enter your email address. If you have been linked to a team, your password will be instantly emailed to that email address. If your email address is linked in multiple capacities (your son is a player and you are a coach) or to multiple teams or clubs, you will be shown a list of the various links and asked to select one.

    Anyone with a password can log-in and change their password by going to Personal Profile, located in My Team > Registration Manager.

    Passwords expire each year when the website is initialized for the upcoming season, usually about mid-November. To regain full website access, returning members need to activate their club and returning teams for the upcoming season, as well as any new teams they may want to register. Passwords stay the same from year-to-year for all returning participants provided they remain linked to their teams in the same capacities. Club reps need to contact the league office when it is time to re-activate their club/teams.

    NOTE: Club reps, managers, coaches and players may change teams, clubs or capacities from one year to the next or even during the year. As this happens, and the individual is linked to his new team, club and/or capacity, he will be given a new password and it will be emailed to him in a similar manner as described above.

    Finally, fall teams are entirely separate from summer teams because the roster rules differ greatly between summer and fall. Since all team passwords are team and person specific, your summer team password accesses your summer team only and your fall team password accesses your fall teams only. (NOTE: The club level passwords, however, remain the same.) Thus, if you coach or play in the league in both the summer and fall, you will have different passwords for your summer and fall teams.

    WARNING!: Since users with write privileges have the capability to delete schedules, game results, player information etc., the club owner/rep or team manager should unlink individuals who are no longer associated with the team and/or club as soon as possible, thereby voiding their access privileges.

    Club Reps and team managers also need to periodically check their team coaching staffs to make sure they are complete and up to date. This is important for communication purposes within the league as well for roster preparation since RML’s "smart-rosters" automatically print all official roster forms with all league, team, coaching and player information automatically filled in.

    Access/Password Summary:

    1. Primary Responsibility For Activating User Logins = Club Owner and/or Team Manager
    2. Club Rep - His club level password is issued/renewed when club is activated.
    3. Other Club Level Persons - Authorized/granted by club rep. All club level log-ins are automatically renewed each year when club is activated.
    4. Team Manager - His team level password is issued when club rep adds/links manager to team. All team level passwords are automatically renewed each year when team is re-activated. NOTE:If club rep changes a team manager, it is his responsibility to unlink ex-manager and add/link new manager.
    5. Team Coach - His team level password is issued when manager/club rep adds coach to Team Directory. NOTE:If team changes coaches, it is the team manager's and/or club rep's responsibility to unlink the ex-coach and add/link new coach.
    6. Team Primary/Secondary Contact Persons - Every team must have both a primary and secondary contact person. A manager and/or coach can double as either. So can a club rep. Each contact is issued a team level password when the manager/club rep adds/links contact person to Team Directory. NOTE: If team changes a contact person, it is shared responsibility of manager/club rep to unlink ex-contact and add/link new contact person.
    7. Players - Player level password issued when player is added to team's online roster and renewed when roster is re-initialized each year.
    In summary, when a team is activated, new or existing, a password is activated for each team manager. If the team or manager is new, he will be emailed his password. Similarly, when that manager links his coaches to his team directory, their personal password/login will be issued and automatically emailed to them. Finally, as the manager or coaches add their players to their roster, the players will be issued their personal password/login and it will be automatically emailed to them.

  • Club GMs - How to authorize other persons to have club level access?


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