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Standings Questions

  • What are STANDINGS used for?
  • New STANDINGS Methodology - Adopted Beginning 2009 Season & Refined For 2010
  • What is SoS and How Is It Calculated?
  • How are STANDINGS computed?
  • If I Use "ADD GAME" To Add A Game To My Online Schedule Does It Count In The STANDINGS?
  • How are ties factored into a team's win/loss percentage?
  • Which games count in the STANDINGS i.e., for tournament qualification?
  • Is there a limit to how many games count between the same two teams?
  • Automatically tracks TQG When Non-Flex STANDINGS Used
  • ENYTB STANDINGS Tie-Breaker Rules

    As a result of the new STANDINGS methodology adopted 2009/2010, which uses a SoS formula, it is very unlikey there will be ties in the STANDINGS. For a tie to take place, the adjusted win percentage would have to be equal to the third decimal point. Howere, were this to occur, the follow tie-breaker rules would be applied.


    (1) Head-to-head play.

    (a) In two team ties where the must play is an even number, and
    head-to-head play is even, the first extra game between the tied
    teams shall be used to break the tie.

    (b) If more than a two-way tie, best overall head-to-head record among all tied teams in TQG. If two or more teams remain even but other tied teams do not, they are eliminated. Repeat this step for remaining tied teams. If one or more teams is eliminated and two or more teams remain tied, repeat this step again. Continue until this rule results in no further eliminations. When this step results in two tied teams, go to step 1 (a). When more than two teams remain, go to step 1(c).

    (c) If more than a two-way tie, and overall head-to-head record among all
    tied teams is even. The first extra game between all tied teams shall be used to break the tie, provided each team has played every other team at least one extra game.

    (2) Best record against all higher finishing teams in the division
    provided all tied teams have played all higher finishing teams at
    least once. This would apply in divisions where the top team(s) did not take a berth for whatever reason OR there was more than one berth earmarked to that division.

    (3) Team with fewest non-playing forfeit losses in the division. If a team is eliminated, repeat above steps.

    (4) Team with least runs allowed in head-to-head play with all other tied teams (must play games only). Any tied team with a forfeit loss to any other tied team shall be assigned 1 more run allowed v that opponent than allowed by any other team in the tie. If a
    team is eliminated, repeat above steps.

    (5) Most wins. If a team is eliminated, repeat above steps.

    (6) Fewest losses (forfeit losses count twice). If a team is eliminated, repeat above steps.

    (7) Playoff. Single elimination. Any team unavailable shall forfeit, provided its opponent is available.

    (8) If neither team is available for a playoff game, or there is insufficient time for a playoff, the winner shall be determined by a coin toss.

  • How Do Berths Get Awarded?

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