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  • Why Does ENYTB Separate Team Availability (TA) From Home Field Availability (HFA)?
  • Scheduling Inputs - General Description

    Home Field Availability Inputs

    Information below is somewhat outdated. For the latest information on ENYTB's new FA Interface, See Help > FAQ > Field Availability >
    Instructions To Club GMs For Entering Field Availability Schedules For Your Teams.
    ENYTB custom schedules each team's home games to when both its home field and team are available.

    Most teams are available to play more than their home field is available. Other teams may be available to play less than their home field is available. Very few teams are available to play only when their home field is available. For these reasons, ENYTB develop separate availability calendars for teams and their home fields. The ENYTB customized scheduling process brings these calendars together so that home games are scheduled only when both the team and its home field(s) are mutually available. Whereas a team can be scheduled for its away games when its team is available but its home field is not.


    When a home field is shared by more than one team from the same club, the club GM usually provides the home field availability data. When a team is responsible for securing its own home field time, the team manager or primary contact usually provides the home field availability data. This should be sorted between each club GM and his League Navigator.


    The ENYTB website maintains an inventory of all home fields used by ENYTB members. Each home field can have any number of separate field schedules attached to it. Each field schedule must be mutually exclusive of all other field schedules for that home field i.e., no overlapping time periods. Each field schedule can be linked to any subset of ENYTB teams. For example, a club with four teams could link all four teams to a single field schedule. Thus, all home field time would be pooled and made equally available to all four teams for scheduling purposes. Or, the club could have multiple field schedules and assign each field schedule to a different combination of teams. This also would be the case when two or more members share the same home field but each club has its own field time.

    Each club/team with one or more home fields must submit at least one field schedule per home field to the league. This field schedule will include the various dates/times that its teams can use the field for league games. Each schedule must include the name of the home field as well as all teams with access to each field schedule.

    Home field data is relatively straightforward. Field time is either available or it isn't. There are two ways that home field data can be provided: a pattern can be specified for each day type e.g., all Mondays, all Saturdays, etc. Specific dates can be blocked out when the day type patterns are used e.g., all Tuesdays except this date and that date. Alternatively, if there is no discernible pattern to the data, it can be entered/specified on a day-by-day basis. The latter is obviously more time consuming but is often necessary.

    IMPORTANT: Time range must be defined according to the earliest time the first game of the day can be started and the latest time the last game of the day can be started. Individual start times can be specified as well.


    Usually clubs will pool all available home field data across all its teams. The league then apportions the home field time to all teams equally, depending on when each team and any of its opponents are available to play.

    NOTE: Teams need to make sure there is overlap between when their team is available and when their home field is available. It does no good to have a home field available if your team isn't also available. (If the intersection between field and team availability = 0, your team won't get any home games scheduled.)

    If necessary, the league can accept multiple, mutually exclusive field schedules for a single home field where the team(s) linked to each field schedule can differ. This would be useful if a particular team had to play its home games at a certain time each week or on special occasions. That home field time would be reserved for that team only.


    Another special situation is rental fields shared by teams from different leagues. These are usually town or city owned. If you are renting field time on a "use or lose" basis and if the land owner requires that you get your request in before the league schedule becomes available, ENYTB guarantees a "fill" on whatever home dates you purchase. Simply submit your desired home dates to the field owner. Once they are guaranteed by the land owner, give them to ENYTB and tell the league admin these dates are MUST FILL (use or lose) home dates. ENYTB guarantees that it will fill all MUST FILL dates provided they aren't at the extreme ends of the season (before memorial day weekend or after mid-July).


    Absent any instructions to the contrary, and depending on sufficient home field availability, the league will make every attempt to schedule each team at home approximately 50% of the time (play days, not games i.e., DH count as one play day as does a SG). This could vary in either direction by a day or two. When home field availability is highly restricted, this, of course may not be possible.

    Teams that rent home fields and don't want to play more than 50% of their games at home under any circumstance, need to indicate so when submitting their team or home field availability. Like any other restriction, this limitation could result in fewer scheduled games for your team.

    Lastly, members may request extra home games as well. This will depend on availability.

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  • How To CONFIRM/E-VERIFY Field Availability
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  • How many games can the league guarantee a team?
  • When can teams expect to get their schedule?
  • Where can I find my team schedule?
  • How do I use Self-Scheduler? [VIDEO]



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