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After You Have Won A Berth To A Sanctioned NCTS

  • Required Credentials For PONY Tournament Play
  • Required Credentials for AABC Tournament Play
  • Required Credentials For NABF Tournament Play
  • Required Credentials For ECTB Tournament Play

    I. Requirements For Participation In Local ECTB Qualifier Tournaments Hosted By ENYTB

    (1) ENYTB Registered Teams

    (A) ECTB sanctioned and tournament eligible via ENYTB registration

    (B) Awarded Berth from ENYTB

    (C) Do NOT need to submit proof of team insurance nor player proof of age to ENYTB if player is an ENYTB registered player.

    (D) Proof of age required if player is NOT an ENYTB registered player.

    (E) Must send electronic copy of signed ECTB Tournament Roster to at least 5 days before start of play.
    o 20 player limit
    o No Residence or League Requirement
    o Signed By Manager
    NOTE: If ENYTB team is using non-ENYTB players or ENYTB players not available via ENYTB's online drafting system, roster must be typed in via a word processor (no official form required).

    (F) DUE DATE – All required paperwork must be submitted electronically to Ed Frye at at least 5 days before start of tournament play.

    (2) OUTSIDE Teams (non-ENYTB)

    (A) Fully paid on tournament website

    (B) Submit certificate of team insurance with ENYTB listed as additional insured.

    (C) Submit proof of age of all players.

    (D) Must send electronic copy of signed ECTB Tournament Roster to at least 5 days before start of play.
    o 20 player limit
    o No Residence or League Requirement
    o Signed By Manager
    NOTE: Roster be typed in via a word processor (no official form required).

    (E) Submit an official ECTB waiver form for each rostered player once they have been entered to the ECTB website. (See below for more info on waiver forms.)

    (F) DUE DATE – All required paperwork must be submitted electronically to Ed Frye at at least 5 days before start of tournament play.

    II. Requirements For Participation In ECTB Sanctioned Events Excluding Local Qualifier Tournaments Hosted By ENYTB e.g., National World Series


    (1) Provide following to Stacey Hamersly at
    Stacey also can be contacted by phone at: 610-841-9505.
    --> Official roster listing;

    (2) Provide proof of team insurance w ECTB listed as additional insured;

    Teams participating in ECTB affiliated events are required to provide ECTB with Proof of Insurance at least 4 days prior to the start of the event.

    You have the following options:

    A. If your team already has team insurance, you will need to provide ECTB with a copy of your team's insurance certificate listing ECTB as ADDITIONAL INSURED. Please contact your Insurance agent and request that they add ECTB as an ADDITIONAL INSURED to your policy. Request that they send you a certificate with this information.

    You then will need to fax (610-841-9508) or email ( this certificate to ECTB PRIOR to the tournament weekend, by the deadline noted. ***Please include a cover sheet with your insurance certificate listing your team name, age group and the coach/contact name and number so that we can easily identify and update your Insurance information.***

    B. If your team has not yet secured Team Insurance, ECTB offers teams very reasonable rates to purchase full season insurance under ECTB Team Insurance coverage. Insurance becomes effective the day after we receive your premium. If you wish to pay by credit card you can log on with your Username/Password and submit payment via the ECTB website or you can call our office and speak with an Event Specialist for assistance.

    ECTB Team Insurance Rates
    8U-10U = $110/team
    11U-12U = $130/team
    13U-14U = $150/team
    15U-17U = $185/team
    18/19U = $205/team

    IF your team does NOT provide proof of insurance as required prior to the event - YOU WILL be required to pay $80 CASH at the field PRIOR to being allowed to start your teams 1st game for EACH event to cover your team for the VERY COSTLY EVENT Insurance coverage (ONLY covers your team for ONE (1) event start to finish!!!

    SAVE YOUR Team money - BUY ECTB SEASON INSURANCE for a couple dollars more!!!! Need to purchase Team Season Insurance?

    Thank you!

    Stacey L. Hamersley
    Event Coordinator, ECTB

    (3)Bring proof of age for players with you to tournament to produce if challenged.

    (3) IMPORTANT: All teams participating in ECTB National Events must secure lodging through ECTB via: CREATIVE TRAVEL - 813-875-4155.

    ALL teams participating in an ECTB event are required to submit an up-to -date roster online for every tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    If you have players listed on your roster that currently don't participate on your team anymore please delete them immediately!

    ALL players participating in an ECTB event should be listed on your general roster! This is not an option; it is a requirement for all teams participating in an ECTB event.

    ALL event rosters MUST be submitted online no later then the Wednesday, of the tournament you are participating in.

    When submitting your roster, ALL player birth dates, addresses & emails MUST BE listed correctly!!

    NOTE: Coaches who submit their own contact information for their players on the roster will be required to redo their roster prior to the start of their first game.

    Coaches may update their rosters up until their first game, however they must resubmit there new rosters online.

    If any players are added at the field coaches will be required to fill out a showcase player form for these players to participate in the event.

    PLAYER WAIVER FORM - Once your roster is submitted online COACHES MUST print out a waiver form for all players on your event roster.

    ECTB will NOT be accepting anymore handwritten waiver forms!

    Your waiver form will be completely filled out for you as long as you submitted your event roster; all you will need to do is provide parent's signatures. If any waiver form that is handwritten is turned in at the field, you WILL be required to fill out another waiver form that will be provided to you! NO GAMES will begin until then.


    (a) Login to the ECTB website w/ your username & password at

    (b) Click on which team you would like to update your roster for if you have more than one team listed under your login.

    (c) Click the "Create or Modify Team Roster" link

    (d) Click "Add a new Player to this Roster" link

    (e) Fill out the requested information for each player & submit by clicking the "Add this player to my Roster" button at the bottom of the page.

    (f) Repeat Steps 4 & 5 until you have added all of your players to your general roster.

    (g) You must enter full address & email address for each player. DO NOT put the same information in for each player.

    (h) Then go back to your homepage (Welcome, Joe Smith) & click on the link for specific tournament that you are registered for( Ex. 3/21-3/22-2nd Annual March Mayhem )

    (i) You will be taken to the Tournament Options page for this event.

    (j) Click on the link that says "View/Submit Event Roster"

    (k) This will bring up your general roster that you had submitted previously. You will now need to click the box of every player that will be participating in that specific tournament.

    (l) Click the "Update Tournament Roster" link

    (m) This will email us your roster & take you to a page that reads, "ECTB Team Rosters" & tell you that it has been updated.

    (n) Last you need click on the "Print Team Waiver Form" and have all the parents sign & date this form. You will then be required to submit this form to your field director prior to the start of your first game.

    Please note teams will NOT be allowed to start their first game unless a waiver has been submitted to the field director with ALL signatures & dates!

    If you have any questions regarding submitting your general & event roster please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you!

    Stacey L. Hamerlsy
    Event Coordinator, ECTB

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  • PONY Teams Only - Record Of Innings Pitched & Medical Release
  • Roster Deadlines and Player Limits Imposed By Sanctioning Bodies For Tournament Play
  • Read This Before Drafting Any Player
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