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    Once the League Director officially releases the League schedule, teams have a short period of time, until the beginning of the season, to negotiate necessary schedule changes with each opponent. Teams are expected to cooperate with each other as fully as possible but they are NOT obligated to agree to schedule changes that would violate their team's playing preferences as provided to the league prior to league-wide scheduling e.g., if a team requested the league not to schedule them to play more than 4 games per week and a another team's reschedule request would force the team to play a 5th game in the same week, it would be reasonable for them to deny that request. If two teams can't reach agreement on a reschedule request during this period, the game has to be played or forfeited. Teams can also agree to a no harm/no foul cancellation w/o penalty. All discretionary changes made during this Grace Period do not count against a team's limit of allowable discretionary changes for the season. The latter include the non-weather postponement of up to two games and the cancellation w/o penalty of up to two games. NOTE: Long distance travel games are NOT subject to discretionary changes. Once scheduled, they are play or forfeit only, unless bad weather forces their postponement.

    There shall be no penalty for discretionary schedule changes made during the grace period nor shall they count against any of the regular season league limits on such changes i.e., the league presently limits each team to a maximum of two non-weather postponements and two no harm/no foul cancellations each year. Beyond that number, teams are forced to play or forfeit.

    NOTE: Once the grace period ends, any request for a discretionary schedule change that is granted shall count against the applicable limit of the requesting team only.

    Beginning 2011, the League has a 7 day advance notification standard for teams requesting a discretionary postponement i.e., non-weather related postponements. This affords the team that wants to play to have a fighting chance of finding games with another opponent or letting their team families have the day off with advance notice.

    The website will not permit requests for non-weather postponements to be submitted less than 7 days before the scheduled game. Once the 7 day window has closed, the non-offending team shall be entitled to a forfeit win if its opponent is unable to play as scheduled.

    The reason the league supports adherence to the 7 day rule is that schedule reliability is the foundation of any league. If teams know they can get a postponement at the last minute, then that will become the norm and a lot of teams and umpires will be left high and dry at the last minute. It is not fair to the umps who lose work and pay, or team families that moved their schedules around to be available or gave up going away for the weekend so their player would not miss any games.

    Other than gross unsportsmanlike conduct, there is no worse league offense than a NO-SHOW i.e., a non-playing forfeit without notification. All such instances should be brought to the immediate attention of the League Director. At the very least, the offending team will be responsible for any and all unavoidable expenses, e.g., umpire fees and field rental fees, if any. In addition, a forfeit win would be granted the non-offending team and a league fine could be imposed on the offending team, depending on circumstances. A second violation would be sufficient cause for a more substantial fine and possible expulsion from the league. A third instance would almost certainly result in expulsion from the league.

    NOTE: Teams are subject to fines for all forfeits and passed games. Habitual offenders are also subject to loss of postseason eligibility and possible expulsion from the league.

    All schedule changes must be entered on the website. When a schedule change is recorded, an automatic email alert system will notify all affected parties of the schedule change, including players. The schedule also has a built-in self-auditing function that provides League Administrators with an audit trail of who did what when and for what supposed reason, for every schedule change on every game.

    If an opponent makes a schedule change on the website without confirming with you beforehand, he is in violation of all that is good and holy. If intentional, this is sufficient cause for immediate expulsion from the league. If this happens to you, bring it to the offender's attention immediately. If that does not produce satisfactory results, bring it to the League Director's immediate attention. Schedule reliability and keeping the league's online schedule current and correct is how we keep chaos from reigning.

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  • Can I Add Games To My Online Schedule?
  • PASSED Games - What are they?
  • Are Home Teams Allowed To Change The Starting Time By Two Hours Or Less w/o Permission From Their Opponent?
  • Weather-Related Postponements - Incl Threat Of Bad Weather As Opposed To Actual Bad Weather
  • Weather Postponements, Make-Up Games and IMPASSEs
  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.
  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits
  • One game of a doubleheader was completed but not the other, how do I record this on my schedule?

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