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Customized Scheduling - 101

  • Why Does ENYTB Separate Team Availability (TA) From Home Field Availability (HFA)?
  • Scheduling Inputs - General Description

    Team Availability Inputs

    Team availability is the collection of dates, times and other play preferences that your team is available for scheduling purposes. Your team availability encompasses your home games as well as your away games; whereas, your home field availability refers to when your home field (and your team) is available for scheduling purposes.

    CLICK HERE for an overview of the team availability information collected from all ENYTB teams prior to scheduling.

    NOTE: The team manager or primary contact usually provides the team availability data. In some cases, however, the club rep provides the availability for each or some of its teams.

    Team availability information collected from all ENYTB teams prior to scheduling include the following:
    • Teams determine when their seasons start and end;
    • Teams determine the total number of games they will play;
    • Teams determine when they play by blocking out full or partial days;
    • Teams determine the level of competition they wish to play at;
    • Teams determine their own strength-of-schedule i.e., how much they play opponents from outside of their own competitive class;
    • Teams determine how much long distance travel play they want (a minimum of one long distance trip is required) and can specify the dates for which they are available for long distance travel;
    • Team preferences for DH are fully accommodated;
    • Team preferences for night games by day type can be accommodated and those preferences can vary between when school is in session and summer recess; and,
    • Teams can make use of ENYTB's either/or functions to get the best schedule possible.


    Teams are usually available to play more than they want to play. (The more teams make themselves available, the more likely they will get the competitively balanced schedule they desire.) For example, a team may be available on any weekday but does not wish to play more than two games during any one M-F period. Were the team to say it was available just Tues and Thur, it would limit its ability to be scheduled with teams that might be ideal match-ups otherwise. The either/or function includes a max # of games. This allows the teams to specify it is available to play on any # of days from M thru F w/o being specific as to which days. In addition, it can block out individual day types from the either/or function. For example, my team can play on any two days from Tues, Wed & Thur.

    Teams can specify up to two different either/or weekday patterns. For example, my team can play either Tues or Wed and my team can play either Thur or Fri. That will result in two games being scheduled on any of those four day types but never on both Tues & Wed and never on both Thur & Fri.

    There are two weekend either/or functions as well. One for availability and one for DH preferences. Teams may make themselves available to play on Saturday OR Sunday but not both in the same weekend. Teams playing on Saturday OR Sunday also may have any of the following doubleheader preferences:
    • DH on SAT only;
    • DH on SUN only;
    • DH on SAT or SUN; or
    • NO DH.
    Teams playing on both Saturday AND Sunday may have any of the following doubleheader preferences:
    • DH on SAT only;
    • DH on SUN only;
    • DH on both SAT and SUN;
    • DH on SAT or SUN but not both; or
    • NO DH.

  • Scheduling Inputs: Strength-Of-Schedule (SoS) Preferences
  • How To Confirm (E-VERIFY) The ACCURACY Of Your Team Availability Calendar
  • How To CONFIRM/E-VERIFY Field Availability
  • When does the ENYTB spring/summer season start? end?
  • What is the minimum number of league games required to be eligible for sanctioned and/or members only tournament play?
  • How many games can the league guarantee a team?
  • When can teams expect to get their schedule?
  • Where can I find my team schedule?
  • How do I use Self-Scheduler? [VIDEO]



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