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    Greetings To All:

    Thank you for your interest in ENYTB. 2014 marks our 19th consecutive year of operation. In those 19 years ENYTB has greatly increased the breadth and depth of its program, as well as its membership. Last year ENYTB registered a record 187 spring/summer travel teams and another 75 fall travel teams.

    The ENYTB solution recognizes that travel baseball and house league baseball are two entirely different animals. For that reason, the structure and operations of ENYTB have evolved as the complete opposite of the typical "one-size-fits-all" house league model offered by Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, Little League and even most travel leagues. ENYTB offers multiple levels of competition at every age level and competitively balanced schedules to every ENYTB team. Thus, every ENYTB travel team, regardless of age or ability level, has the opportunity to play at its own competition level. This also includes "cross-over" games with teams from adjacent competition levels mixed in to the extent desired.

    The hallmark of ENYTB membership is:

    (1) TEAM FORMATION/PLAYER ACQUISITION - first-time ENYTB players are free to play for the ENYTB team of their choice regardless of their place of residence.

    NOTE: Once a player joins a team, he is locked into that team for the current season. ENYTB players are eligible to change ENYTB teams after they have completed their first season with their current team.

    Once a player has been a part of the league player pool, he is referred to as a restricted free agent (RFA).

    NOTE: If a player ceases playing in the league for two consecutive years, he becomes an unrestricted free agent (UFA) again.

    RFA MOVEMENT - ENYTB grants each team a certain number of RFA credits each year. In addition, teams can qualify for additional RFA credits e.g., compensatory and/or bonus (based on number UFA team adds to its roster). Teams owned by franchise members are eligible for franchise player exemptions as well.

    In general, any ENYTB player A can move from any ENYTB team A to any ENYTB team B provided ENYTB team B has sufficient RFA credits to execute the player transaction. Team B must have at least one unused overall RFA credit as well as one unused head-to-head (H2H) credit with team A.

    NOTE: Teams are allowed 2 H2H RFA credits per year and 4 lifetime vis a vis every other ENYTB team.

    NOTE: Player "releases" do not exist in ENYTB's RFA system. Players don't need anybody's permission to change teams. RFA credits are used instead. The RFA system sets limits on each team as to how many players it can take from any one ENYTB team and how many overall players it can take in any one year from the combined league player pool (RFAs).

    The RFA system pertains only to a player's primary team. Players also are eligible to play on a secondary basis for a team in an age division other than the age division in which the player is already primary. Players can play on one secondary team in each age division that they are not primary in, provided they are age-eligible for that age division. Example: A 13U player could be primary at 13u and secondary at 14u, 15u, 16u etc.

    In the event of a conflict between a player's primary team and his secondary team, the player is obligated to play for his primary team unless he receives permission to do otherwise from his primary team.

    (2) CUSTOMIZATION - every aspect of the ENYTB regular season (scheduling) and post-season program (sanctioning) is designed to be fully flexible i.e., customizable to the kind of team you have and what you want for your team. No two teams have the exact same everything. Every team is scheduled to play only when it is available to play and its home games are scheduled only when its home field is available to play on;

    (3) SCHEDULE RELIABILITY - once the season begins, it is play or forfeit, with limited opportunities for schedule changes up till 72 hours before the scheduled game; and,

    (4) AFFILIATION w MULTIPLE SANCTIONING BODIES PROVIDES ABUNDANT POSTSEASON OPPORTUNITIES - ENYTB provides its members with centralized access to up to four sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series: AABC; NABF; ECTB; and, PONY i.e., one league with four post-seasons. More than 60 teams qualify for NCTS through ENYTB every year - that is approximately two teams for every three that register for sanctioned NCTS events. Other leagues only qualify 5 to 15 percent of their teams for post-season play. That is the major benefit of having a multi-sanctioned league.

    (5) EXPERT TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - In addition to the one-of-a-kind website, ENYTB assigns a League Navigator to each club/team to assist with operation of the website as well as all aspects of league participation.

    (6)AFFORDBILITY - All of the above is available for between $25 and $35/player, depending on team age and assuming a 12 player team. A 24 player team would pay half as much per player. This does not include post-season extras that are available on an optional basis.

    ENYTB's GOLD Division Provides The Best Competition In The Area ENYTB's highly acclaimed GOLD Division has produced SEVEN national champions in the last decade! Perhaps no other league in America can make that claim!

  • Customized scheduling - you tell us how often you want to play, what day types or dates you want to play, and times, other preferences e.g., DH or SG, and when your home field is available and we will give you a competitively balanced schedule that matches all your scheduling criteria....
  • All play at 9U/10U is on 65'/46' diamonds and all play at 11U/12U is on 70'/50' diamonds. All play is under real baseball rules re: leading, stealing and holding runners on (same as DreamsPark)....
  • ENYTB's hassle-free online roster management system (ORMS) is paperless and virtually effortless - no matter how many different sanctionings you sign-up for, player data is entered once, when the player first enters the league, and ORMS does the rest.
  • ORMS Smart Roster
    1. Enforces ENYTB's player eligibility criteria e.g., league restrictions on age, roster size and player procurement...
    2. Enforces the player eligibility criteria of each sanctioning body e.g., different roster limits and cut-off dates for adding players....
    3. Provides teams the capability to manager their sanctioned rosters throughout the season i.e., moving players on/off sanctioned rosters as necessary to meet roster limits...
    4. Prints regular season and tournament rosters on official forms of each sanctioning body, completely filled in....
    5. Provides online drafting capability for sanctioned tournament play according to the eligibility rules and limits of each sanctioning body.
    6. Preserves all roster data for returning teams - begin each new season with roster from end of prior season.
    7. Proof of age required only once - when player first joins league - ending the need to provide copies of player birth certs every year!
    • Other Online goodies:
      1. Your Own Private Virtual Team Office - every club and team gets their own fully secure, personalized ENYTB website area (;
      2. Create/run your own online advertisements for new players and for tryouts;
      3. Search ENYTB's proprietary player database for free agents by age, residence and positions played;
      4. Create online line-up cards (includes your team logo and all game information (date, times, field, opponent's roster including player's age and jersey number);
      5. Create a game report that is automatically emailed to your local newspapers complete with a box score and scoring summary (automatically attaches your club/team logo);
      6. Communicate with your players, your opponents and/or the league via various online communication tools, including messages to your team that pop-up on-screen when a team member logs-in, team email, league email and contact info for every team you are scheduled to play and directions to every field in the league....
    • All information and communication capabilities are only one click away via's world class league management website, subscribed to by ENYTB!
    • Sanctioned by ECTB, AABC, NABF and PONY (CABA also available) at all ages...
    • Pay for only what you want - ENYTB's ala carte registration menu lets teams choose.....
    • ENYTB hosts a qualifying tournament (June Madness) at every age level...
    • ENYTB hosts OPEN tournaments at every age level (Last Man Standing), beginning mid-July.
    • ENYTB Website provides a tournament home page for every ENYTB hosted tournament - website includes all pre-tournament information e.g., detailed brochure, online registration, online brackets, schedule, and results etc.
    TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE FROM EXPERT ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF - each club is assigned a League Navigator who helps each of its teams in every aspect of league participation, including website inputs, navigation etc.:
    • League admin staff available full-time to provide members with expert support for both the league program and the website.
    • Website contains an incredible amount of reference material describing the league, the league program and the website as well as online HELP...
    • A Member's Council arbitrates all official complaints e.g., inter-member disputes re: players; sportsmanship; discipline etc.
    • Fees range from $300/team to $425/team depending on age and skill level....
    • Money back guarantee at season's end if ENYTB fails to deliver satisfactory results on every item stated herein. No one has asked for their money back yet!
    • Sign-Up: Phone call to Ed Frye to activate (pre-register) your teams (get passwords) and then register your team online and send payment to ENYTB.
    • Informational meetings offered late January through early March.
    • Registration closes March 1st for ages 12U and under and April 1st for the middle and older ages.
    Contact Ed Frye today to sign-up. or 518-542-8498. For more details re: the ENYTB Travel Baseball Program, go to About Us and Program Info. Thanks much for your time and feel free to contact me with any questions. Ed



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