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  • Basic 5-STEP Protocol For All Discretionary Schedule Changes
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  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.

    Requests For Discretionary Postponements i.e., request for a postponement not because of bad weather, but because your team is unable to play as scheduled.

    Before reading this FAQ, please be sure you have read the general introduction applicable to all schedule changes. Go there now by clicking here.

    All schedule changes can be sorted into two groups: DISCRETIONARY and NON-DISCRETIONARY. Discretionary schedule changes include those that require your opponent's approval i.e., they are at your opponent's discretion e.g., non-weather postponements and no harm/no foul cancellations. Non-discretionary schedule changes include those that can be done unilaterally w/o your opponent's approval e.g., weather postponements by a home team, forfeits, and changes in starting times of two hours or less by the home team or changes in the home field.

    Non-weather postponement requests

    The mechanics of the protocol for postponing a game for non-weather reasons will be discussed in detail below. First, we will define the non-weather postponement and discuss league policy on such matters.

    When a team (Team A) finds that it can't play an upcoming game as scheduled, regardless of reason (other than bad weather) but is willing to play the game on a different date if its opponent is agreeable to such a change, it is referred to as a non-weather postponement situation.

    All non-weather postponements begin as a "request" from Team A. The request must be made in person, via telephone or email, and initiated on the website at least seven days prior to the scheduled date of the game. If Team B agrees to the request, Team A should immediately initiate the request via the website (seven day limit applies). After receiving the request by email via the website, Team B must reply via the website that it has granted Team A's request. If Team B confirms that it has granted the request the protocol is complete and the website automatically updates both team's schedules accordingly. If Team B denies the request, Team A is required to reply both in person or by phone, and via the website, that he will play of forfeit the game(s). Failure by Team B to reply to Team B within 72 hours of the scheduled game results in the requested schedule change. Failure by Team A to respond within 24 hours of game time to a declination of his request with a will play of forfeit reply shall result in an automatic forfeit of game(s).

    NOTE: Team A is required to obtain agreement from Team B as to the exact date, time and place of the make-up game BEFORE it may enter a non-weather postponement request via the website. The website requires teams to enter the rescheduled game on the website at the same time as the non-weather postponement is being requested.

    Since, by definition, all discretionary schedule changes require the approval of the opposing team, the protocol involves at least one extra step compared to the simpler non-discretionary schedule change. To review, all discretionary schedule changes must take the form of:
    • a contact between Team A and Team B by phone, email or in person, to make the request and get a reply
    • if Team B grants the request in step 1 and the make-up is agreed to, Team A submits its request to Team B via the website;
    • when Team B receives the request from Team A it submits a reply confirming that it has granted Team A's request;
    • the website automatically updates both team's schedules accordingly.
    NOTE: the team requesting the schedule change (Team A) initiates the request but the change does not take effect i.e., become official, until the opposing team (Team B) replies via the website that it is granting Team A's request. Team B has a time limit for confirming the request, up to 72 hours before game time. If team B fails to reply in that time period, the request shall be considered officially granted and teh website shall be automatically updated accordingly.

    Customized scheduling, balanced competition, schedule reliability and abundant opportunities for advancement in national championship tournament play are the four cornerstones to the popularity of this league. Parents plan their family life around the team schedules of their players, giving up weekends away etc. to honor their commitments. We have an obligation to them to be as reliable as possible in keeping to those schedules. This league allows non-weather postponements under two conditions only:
    • the requesting team provides at least a seven day notification; and,
    • the opposing team agrees to grant them the postponement.
    Thus, your team can never be non-weather postponed in this league unless you allow it to happen. (The same is true of all "discretionary" schedule changes e.g., no harm/no foul cancellations. And even then, beginning in 2011, teams are limited to two of each type of discretionary change. Once a team has used those freebies up, it's play or forfeit and they can't both other teams for discretionary schedule changes.

    NOTE: When a request for a non-weather postponement is entered to the website less than seven days before the game, it will be automatically rejected by the website per league rule.

    Each of you has a major role in helping to create the kind of league you want by not easily granting non-weather postponements. Non-weather postponements should be the exception and not the rule. For that reason, beginning with the spring/summer 2011 season, teams shall be limited to two non-weather postponements per season (doubleheaders count as two). Thus, to avoid forced forfeits, teams should put careful thought into planning their schedule BEFORE it is developed by the league.

    To repeat: the league frowns upon non-weather postponements for two reasons:
    • Schedule reliability is key to the quality of everyone's league experience; and,
    • Every team was given a fully customized schedule based on when it said it was available to play. With a few exceptions, there is very little excuse for non-weather postponements. They are usually the result of poor planning i.e., lack of effort.
    NOTE: Exception: Immunity for conflicts with school games that could not be anticipated with certainty (make-ups of rain-outs, postseason school games, etc.)

    When teams get a call from an opponent requesting a non-weather postponement, they have two options:
    • They can deny the postponement request and force their opponent to play or forfeit if they truly can not play as scheduled;
    • They can grant the request.


    How to go about postponing a game for non-weather reasons:

    • STEP 1 - contact your opponent, discuss your situation and offer to either forfeit or to make a non-weather postponement. If your opponent is unwilling to grant your request for a non-weather postponement, the game(s) must be played as scheduled or forfeited.
    • STEP 2A - If your opponent doesn't agree to your request you need to tell your opponent whether you will be playing or forfeiting the game(s). If you tell him you will be forfeiting, immediately go to your online schedule and forfeit the game(s);
    • STEP 2B - If your opponent agrees to your request for a non-weather postponement, go to your online schedule and enter your request for a non-weather postponement via the website. Your opponent will be notified via email of the request and directed to confirm that he has granted you the postponement via the website. Once your opponent responds with a yes, the game is automatically rescheduled by the website.
    IMPORTANT: ALL postponements (and reschedules) must be done online via the Game-Specific Rescheduling Icons, located on each game.


    Non-weather postponements are discretionary. If your opponent requests a non-weather related postponement via the website and you deny the request, your opponent must notify you whether he will play the game as scheduled or enter a forfeit loss for his team. If both games of a DH are forfeited, you get a forfeit win for both contests. If you deny an opponent's non-weather postponement request and the opponent fails to notify you whether he will play the game as scheduled or forfeit prior to 24 hours before game time, the game shall be automatically forfeited by your opponent and your schedule will be automatically updated. This avoids the situation where you show up for the game(s) (because your opponent did not update teh website) and your opponent does not.

    What if my opponent contacts me and tells me he his forfeiting the game but never enters it to the website?

    There is a rescheduling icon for this situation that allows your team to declare a forfeit on behalf of your opponent. NOTE: You must declare the forfeit on the website ASAP before the date/time of the scheduled game. If you are informed today and the game is tomorrow, enter the forfeit one hour after your opponent informed you he was forfeiting so that there is time to fix things in case there was a misunderstanding by either party that the game was forfeited.


    Go to your schedule:

    ====> MY TEAMS > GAME MANAGER > Schedule (Updated)

    On the website ===> Find the game on your online schedule and click on the appropriate rescheduling icon. Follow the prompts/instructions on the page.

    Whether a non-weather postponement request is granted or not, if a request is initiated online and left incomplete, it will trigger the automatic declarations at 72 hours and 24 hours before game time. So don't leave an online request unanswered.

    Other good things happen when you use the proper rescheduling icons, including:

    • the website generates auto-email announcing the schedule change to all affected parties, including league officials;
    • an audit function maintains a history all actions affecting the status of a game; and, lastly,
    • your online schedule is automatically updated - the game's previous date/time changes to the the new date/time and all rescheduling icons are reset.
    • /ulist]Again, all of these special features require that each team uses the rescheduling icons available on each game of its online schedule.

      NOTE: When you select the ADD GAME function, you are asked whether you wish to reschedule a postponed game or add a new game. If you indicate that you are rescheduling an existing game, you will be returned to your schedule to use the appropriate reschedule function located on the game you wanted to reschedule.

  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits
  • One game of a doubleheader was completed but not the other, how do I record this on my schedule?

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