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  • Am I Required By League Rule To Keep My Online Schedule Updated Throughout The Season?
  • Why Is There No Print Function For My Schedule?

    Why Is There No Print Function For My Schedule?

    This is done intentionally to emphasize that in this travel league, your online schedule is a "living, breathing document". The schedule you start the season with is only a starting point. Unlike house leagues, where, except for make-ups of weather postponements, schedules do not usually change, travel teams may agree to schedule changes for reasons other than weather postponements. For example, ENYTB rules allow teams to request postponements for reasons other than weather. Teams are under no obligation to grant such requests but they can if they want. Teams can also request no harm/no foul cancellations and declare non-playing forfeits. Each team's online schedule includes a set of smart icons, that turn on and off consistent with the current game status of that game. Each icon represents a league protocol for keeping your schedule current. When these changes are entered, your opponent, the league and your own coaches/players receive an auto-email, notifying you of the change, and your online schedule is automatically updated accordingly.

    Online schedule updating is crucial to keeping the league functioning smoothly for various reasons:

    • Players and their families have passwords so that they can check their team's online schedule at any time, knowing with full confidence that the latest schedule information is reflected there.
    • By keeping your online schedule updated, you are assured that you and your opponent have a common understanding of when and where the game is to be played. Conversation is easy to misinterpret but this approach forces the change to be recorded in black and white. When an online re-schedule occurs, the schedules for both teams adjust immediately. If you are not in accordance with the change that was entered i.e., you did not agree to the specific change entered, you have the opportunity to contact your opponent to get the matter corrected.
    • The website also creates an audit trail of all changes made to each "original" game. This information can be helpful in resolving any he said she said type disputes that may arise over the course of the season.
    • Teams have 7 days after the scheduled date of a game to score it, reschedule it or cancel it. Failure to do any of these will result in a "passed game".

    DEFINITION: A passed game is any game that wasn't properly updated online within 7 days of its scheduled date. Both teams are fined for the passed game as though it was forfeited:

    • Neither team gets credit for a win or a loss in a passed game even if it was played;
    • Neither team gets a forfeit for the game even if it was forfeited;
    • To prevent a passed game from happening when your opponent forfeits the game but fails to record it on the website, there is a function that allows teams to declare a forfeit on behalf on their opponent;
    • In the event of a passed game, neither team is obligated to reschedule the game as a new game.

    Why have passed games?

    This is done for a couple of reasons.

    First and foremost, we assume the vast majority of teams join this league and pay their money to play baseball, not to get jerked around with rescheduling. While we allow some flexibility by allowing each team a certain number of discretionary schedule changes, provided their opponent grants their request, we do not want teams getting around these limits simply by not updating their schedule.

    Secondly, we want to prevent teams from accumulating un-played games throughout the season and entering them as forfeit wins near season's end and going from last to first in the standings, as happened in the league more than once prior to the league instituting the passed game rule.

    IMPORTANT: All schedule changes must be confirmed with your opponent before being entered into the website. The league's rescheduling icons ensure that the league protocol for the type of change being made is followed (there is no other way to update your schedule other than through these icons). Each game has its own set of smart icons, that turn on and off conditional on that game's current game status.

    Information below is NOT applicable after 2008 season.

    In addition, depending on what type of standings is being used, the chronological order in which games are listed on a team's online schedule may affect which games are counted in the standings.


    Teams A (home) and B (away) are in a division where the standings methodology requires that they play two games head-to-head. However, they are scheduled to play three times. The standings methodology will count the first two times as they appear chronologically on their schedule. The 3rd game may factor in as a tie-breaker but it would not otherwise count.

    Let's say game 1 of this 3 game series is postponed by rain and rescheduled to a date AFTER the original 3rd game. That game should no longer count as a must play game because it will be played last in chronological order. For the STANDINGS to compute correctly, the home
    team must postpone the game on the schedule and reschedule it to the later time. If the home team does not reschedule the game, and after the game is played on a later date, merely enters the score in the original date, the game will be recorded out of sequence and your STANDINGS will count the wrong games.

    This type of standings methodology is not typically used by ENYTB anymore.

  • Grace Period For Reschedules
  • Quickie Overview Of What To Do Depending On The Situation
  • Overview
  • More Specifics On The General Process Of Changing The Status Of A Game
  • Can I Add Games To My Online Schedule?
  • PASSED Games - What are they?
  • Are Home Teams Allowed To Change The Starting Time By Two Hours Or Less w/o Permission From Their Opponent?
  • Weather-Related Postponements - Incl Threat Of Bad Weather As Opposed To Actual Bad Weather
  • Weather Postponements, Make-Up Games and IMPASSEs
  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.
  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits
  • One game of a doubleheader was completed but not the other, how do I record this on my schedule?

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