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  • Discretionary Postponements i.e., games postponed not because of bad weather but because one team is unable to play as scheduled.
  • No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits

    No Harm/No Foul Cancellations and Forfeits

    The integrity of any league rests on schedule adherence and reliability. People plan their summers around their team schedules and we can't be jerking them around needlessly or disappointing them continuously if we want to be the premier travel league that we are dedicated to being. This is particularly true in a travel league as large and far-flung as ours. Thus, it is imperative that the league ensure that members treat one another fairly in all scheduling related matters. The rules stated below have evolved over time and were put in place to protect all our members who join this league to play baseball and put effort into the planning of their schedule, from any member who doesn't take their obligation to plan or play their schedule in this league seriously. Essentially, it is the league's responsibility to hold members accountable for schedule abuses and eliminate those members who repeatedly fail to honor their schedule obligations to other members.

    ENYTB POLICY re: Unplayed Games
    The League EXPECTS ALL games to be played as scheduled, weather permitting. However, the league allows some flexibility via two types of discretionary schedule changes. Discretionary means you can ask for them but it is up to your opponent whether to grant them. And, importantly, each team is limited to two instances of each type of discretionary schedule change, where a DH = two instances.

    (1) Non-weather Postponement - A team unable to play a game as scheduled may request a postponement from its opponent provided the scheduled game is at least five days after the date the request is entered to the website. If the opponent decides to grant the request, the game can be rescheduled much like a weather postponement. For details, click here.

    (2) NO HARM/NO FOUL CANCELLATION. - When BOTH opponents agree that they don't want to play a scheduled game nor make it up, either team may initiate a request for NHNF cancellation via the website. This protocol is easily accessed by clicking on NHNFC icon for the game in question on your online schedule and following the prompts.

    (3) Forfeits - Should there not be agreement to postpone or cancel a game, that game must either be played as scheduled or forfeited by the team unable to play.

    EXCEPTION: Home teams are allowed to move the start time of a game two hours in either direction w/o approval from their opponent provided proper notice is provided.


    A forfeiting team must inform its opponent that it is forfeiting the game as soon as possible. Members who habitually forfeit the night before the game is scheduled to be played or worse yet, the morning of, shall be subject to indefinite suspension from league play.

    NOTE: All FORFEITS must be entered to the website as soon as possible and certainly BEFORE the date of the game.

    After forfeit directly to his opponent, the forfeiting team is required to officially forfeit the game via the Update Game Status link by selecting:
    • Forfeit Declarations; and,
    • My team can't play and I am requesting a Non-Playing Forfeit.
    If your opponent has informed you that he is forfeiting to you but has not entered it to the website, you may do so, as follows:
    • Go to applicable game on your online schedule
    • click the Update Game Status link
    • then click Forfeit Declarations; and,
    • click My opponent can't play and has informed me he has forfeited but as yet, he has not updated the website to indicate that he has forfeited this game.
    For all non-playing forfeits, the forfeiting team shall be penalized as follows:

    (a) If the offending team is the away team, it must reimburse the home team within 72 hours for any unavoidable game expense actually incurred by the home team e.g., umpire fees and/or field rental fees.

    (b) The offending team also shall pay the League a fine of $75/game for each non-playing forfeit, due within 72 hours following the non-playing forfeit.

    (c) A team's 3rd non-playing forfeit shall disqualify it from eligibility for a league berth in any post-season sanctioned tournament that it would be otherwise eligible for.

    (d) The 5th overall non-playing forfeit by any team may result in the team's indefinite suspension from the League.

    (5) Forfeits Of Unplayed "Tournament Qualifying Games (TQG)"

    NOTE: This section is only applicable when a non-flex scheduling STANDINGS is used. (see STANDINGS for an explanation of FLEX and Non-FLEX scheduling based STANDINGS.)

    SCENARIO: The regular seasons ends and a team still has one or more TQG to play.

    The standings are final and NEITHER team gets a win or a loss for any game that remains unplayed after the official end of the regular season.

    (6) Knockout Rules and Fines For non-playing Forfeits i.e., loss of sanctioned tournament eligibility.

    To reiterate, any team that has three non-playing forfeit losses shall be ineligible to receive a sanctioned tournament berth. Any team with 5 or more non-playing forfeit losses may be suspended from the League. Each non-playing forfeit loss also incurs a League fine of $75, payable to the League within 72 hours of the forfeited game.

    REMEMBER: To enter a forfeit, the team declaring the forfeit must go to its schedule and on the game in question click the appropriate rescheduling protocol. In this case, Forfeit Declaration. Follow the onscreen prompts.

    FACT: Two opponents can AGREE not to play ANY league game w/o penalty as long as at least one of them has allowable NHNFC credits remaining. (No Harm/No Foul Cancellation option.)

    FACT: A team ALWAYS has the option of insisting on a forfeit win when their opponent can not play a game on the date it is scheduled. EXCEPTIONS: (1) a game's start time can be changed up to two hours by request and (2) the field can be changed at any time provided proper and timely notification is provided to the opponent and provided the location of the new venue does not involve an excessive amount of additional travel for the visiting team (more than 20 minutes farther away than the original site).

    FACT: Any team unwilling/unable to play ANY scheduled game shall incur a forfeit loss UNLESS its opponent agrees to a scheduling change. Each forfeit shall be fined $75 by the league and if that team is the away team, plus any unavoidable out-of-pocket costs incurred by its opponent as a result of teh fact the game(s) was not played.

    Stated again, the decision not to play a game is entirely up to the two teams involved, provided either of them has sufficient MHNFC credits remaining. In ALL instances where both teams agree not to play a scheduled game, the request must be made and answered via the website. When this is done, the website will cancel the game w/o penalty.
    Some teams confuse the league policy re: unplayed games.

    Some of this confusion no doubt stems from the fact that the term "Must Play Game" is sometimes used and is a misnomer. Must Play refers to TOURNAMENT QUALIFYING GAMES (TQG) in a certain type of standings sometimes used by ENYTB. (The league uses several different standings types.) The term "Must Play" has nothing to do with whether the game must be played or not since all league games are required to be played, forfeited with penalty or canceled by mutual agreement (no penalty except loss of standings points in certain types of Standings)!

    REPEAT ===> a non-TQG does NOT mean the game does not have to be played or that it can be unilaterally canceled w/o penalty/consequence.

    Q1 - What happens when two teams agree NOT to play a TQG?

    A1 - The game should be canceled online via the No Harm/No Foul Option. Neither team gets any points in the STANDINGS for that game (if points based standings is being used). Canceled games of this variety also do not count towards the minimum number of games that may be required to be tournament berth eligible at the end of the regular season. There is no league penalty or other repercussions for No Harm/No Foul cancellations provided either team has sufficient allowable NHNFC credits remaining, because both teams are in agreement and are not hurting a third party.

    NOTE: In some standings used by ENYTB, teams get 1 point for simply playing a TQG and two points if they win. An unplayed TQG, w/o forfeit, counts as zero points.

    EXCEPTION: If a TQG between two teams is going to affect a 3rd team's chances of winning a post-season berth, the league has the power to order the game to be played.

    Q2 - What happens when two teams agree NOT to play a non-TQG?

    A2 - Everything is the same as described above for a TQG.

    Again, provided that one of the two teams has sufficient remaining allowable NHNFC credits, there is no league penalty or other repercussions because both teams are in agreement and are not hurting a third party.

    Q3 - What happens when one team doesn't want to play a game and its opponent wants to?

    A3 - When two teams disagree about playing a game, regardless of whether the game is a TQG or a non-TQG, the team unwilling to play must forfeit the game.

    EXCEPTION: When there is disagreement, the League CAN "force" games to be played if and only if it feels that by not playing the game, the team that wanted to play is greatly harmed. This can happen if a team has been the victim of several previous cancellations or is a team that participates in the league on a limited basis due to geography and has no realistic chance of scheduling any other teams to fill in.

    Failure to play a game when the league directs that it must be played can result in fine, suspension or both. Repeat offenders can be banned from further participation in the league indefinitely.

    Lastly, the league reserves the right to cancel games w/o penalty in certain circumstances. A common example would be a team that over-classified itself and is non-competitive.

  • One game of a doubleheader was completed but not the other, how do I record this on my schedule?

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