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  • Is there a deadline for adding new players to my ENYTB roster for the regular season?
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  • Can players be transferred from one team to another in the same club?
  • Do I need to establish separate REGULAR SEASON ROSTERS for each sanctioning body?
  • Do I need to establish separate TOURNAMENT ROSTERS for each sanctioning body my team is registered with?
  • Roster Deadlines and Player Limits Imposed By Sanctioning Bodies For Tournament Play
  • Columns 12 thru 15 - How To Set-Up Your Sanctioned Rosters

    Columns 12 thru 15 - How To Set-Up Your Sanctioned Rosters

    Each sanctioning body has its own player eligibility requirements, roster limits and deadlines, as well as its own official roster form.

    Your "league" roster (ENYTB) qualifies yours players for ENYTB regular season league play only i.e., it does not make them eligible for sanctioned tournament play.

    To be eligible for sanctioned tournament play, your players also must appear on your official regular season roster for that sanctioning body. ORMS,'s Online Roster Management System, maintains a separate regular season roster for each sanctioning body for which your team is registered under. However, it is each team's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate players on its league roster are linked to each of its sanctioned rosters.

    Your league roster is the starting point for building your sanctioned rosters i.e., a player must be on your team's league roster before he can be added to any of your sanctioned rosters.

    To add a player to a sanctioned roster you simply link that player to that roster. This is done as follows:
    1. Go to your sanctioned roster(s);
    2. Click the arrow next to each player that you wish to add (or click the X next to his name if you wish to remove him from your sanctioned roster.
    NOTE: Any player failing any of the eligibility criteria of a given sanctioning body, will not be added to that roster and you will be informed of the specific violation via an on-screen message.

    The website allows teams to move players on and off each of their sanctioned rosters up until the deadline set by each sanctioning body. These cut-off dates are set by each sanctioning body and can vary by age division. Thus, until that deadline, you can add/drop players from each sanctioned roster. To reiterate, it is each team's responsibility to keep its sanctioned rosters current. One the official cut-off date maintained by a sanctioning body is reached, the website will lock down your sanctioned roster and you will no longer be able to make changes to it.

    NOTE: All ENYTB teams are registered with NABF even if you didn't pay for NABF sanctioning. Teams that didn't pay for NABF sanctioning are not eligible for NABF tournaments but their players are eligible to be "drafted" for NABF tournament play by teams that are NABF sanctioned. In addition, all ENYTB teams are eligible to buy insurance from NABF. We send these rosters to the national sanctioning bodies and they send a copy on to their insurance carriers.

    How do you set-up your sanctioned rosters?

    Go to MY TEAM > Team Rosters - the same place you go to create your ENYTB roster only this time, instead of selecting ENYTB, select NABF, or AABC, or PONY.

    When assigning players to your sanctioned rosters, you don't enter any data. Instead, you are shown two player lists.

    List 1 = your complete ENYTB player list - sanctioned rosters are limited to players from your ENYTB roster.

    List 2 - the players you have thus far added to your regular season NABF, AABC or PONY sanctioned rosters. This list will start empty or it may have some of your players already linked.

    To link a player from your ENYTB roster (list 1) to a sanctioned roster (list 2) just click the arrow next to the player's name. (NOTE: Player remains on your actual ENYTB roster but now he is also linked to your sanctioned roster.)

    If you want to drop or remove a player from your sanctioned roster, simply click the X next to his name (X = delete).

    Repeat: None of this has any effect on the players on your ENYTB roster.

    You repeat this process for each sanctioning body that you registered for, as well as for NABF whether you registered for it or not. If you don't remember what you registered for, there are two ways to find out:

    (1) go to your registration page and see what boxes you checked; or,
    (2) simply open the sanctioned roster: if you aren't registered for it, it will tell you so rather than show you the two player
    lists. If it shows you the two player lists, make the links as explained above.

    So, EVERY TEAM has at least two rosters: ENYTB and NABF. In addition, many of you have an AABC and/or PONY roster.

    It takes about 30 seconds to set each sanctioned roster. This makes your team eligible for insurance and post-season play, and it makes each player you listed eligible to be drafted by another team similarly sanctioned if/when your team is eliminated from tournament play. The last thing you want to deal with is an angry parent who finds out that their son has been deprived of an opportunity for high level sanctioned tournament play because you ignored this 30 second task.

    Warning: Every year about 1/3 of our teams fail to link their players to their sanctioned rosters. In far less time than it took me to write this FAQ, you can set up three sanctioned rosters (maybe 90 seconds total).

    While you have till June 1 to set-up your sanctioned rosters, the sooner the better as June 1 is a busy time and it would be easy to forget.

    Something else to keep in mind - at 16U and below, PONY limits tournament teams to 15 players, so that may require some hard decisions if you are carrying more than 15 players. But remember, you can make changes to your PONY roster right up until when you advance from local play to Regional play.

    Lastly, once you have completed this exercise, you can view your actual official sanctioned roster form, completely filled out, by going to your Roster Manager, selecting the sanctioning body and selecting the print function. Before it prints you are shown an image of your completely filled out official roster form for that sanctioning body. If you don't click print, it won't print. (Most rosters are set to print to legal sized paper but you don't need to print anything now.)

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