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  • When does the ENYTB spring/summer season start? end?

    When does the ENYTB spring/summer season start? end?

    In general, all teams have the option to begin regular season play as early or as late as they wish and end regular season play as early or as late as they wish, with two caveats:

    (1) A second team must be seeking to play at the same time or a game can't be scheduled; and,

    (2) Each league division has a cutoff date for games to count in the standings. This date is typically several days before (often the Sunday before) the scheduled start of the entry-level tournament in the sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS) for which the standings is applicable. This date is set before the schedule is developed and is shown in the heading of each divisional standings.

    NOTE: Separate standings are maintained for each sanctioning body: AABC, NABF, PONY and ECTB. A strength-of-schedule factor is applied to these rankings because each includes teams of different competition levels and because of FLEX scheduling, no two teams play the same set of opponents or even the same total number of games.

    Thus, the ENYTB regular season officially "ends" on several different dates, depending on the cut-off date for the sanctioned NCTS that the team is registered to be eligible for.

    Tournament eligible teams also can be scheduled beyond the dates of the sanctioned tournaments they registered to be eligible for (these are exhibition games in the sense that they don't count in any standings leading to a tournament berth).

    Teams that don't make themselves tournament eligible can be scheduled for as long as there are suitable opponents available.

    Typical Start Dates For Regular Season Play
    • 12U and under - earliest start usually the second week of April, weather permitting. By early May just about all of the younger aged teams are playing. Teams involved in all-star play in house leagues usually cease playing in the third week of June.
    • 13U and above - A few teams, usually 13U and 14U, begin play before Memorial Day Weekend but most wait till Memorial Day Weekend or a bit later because of conflicts with ongoing school ball programs. Memorial Day Weekend (aka Opening Weekend) is the traditional opening of regular season play for teams 13U and older. However, teams are not obligated to begin their seasons at that time.
    • Some 13U and 14U teams begin their seasons the first weekend of May and play Sundays only until Memorial Day weekend
    • 16U and up - Some of our older teams choose not to begin play until the first or second week of June because of the potential conflict with HS Sectionals.
    Most teams stop playing between the middle of July and the first week of August. ENYTB schedules its season ending Last Man Standing Tournament for the last two weeks of July.

  • What is the minimum number of league games required to be eligible for sanctioned and/or members only tournament play?
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