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    TEAM CAPS (RFA Credits)

    The bookkeeping for all RFA Credits is automated within the website. The annual base credits are awarded on Aug 1 each year and all earned credits are added as they are earned and all used credits are deducted as they are used.

    This information is available to all members and the public at:

    → LEAGUE PLAY → RFA Cap Space - By Team

    ENYTB's Player CAP system is automatically enforced by the website whenever a team tries to add a player to its ENYTB roster.

    The system will determine:

    (i) If the player is a UFA, an Exemption or a RFA.
    (ii) If the player is an RFA, it will check all applicable CAPs to test whether the team has sufficient unused CAP space to add the player.
    (iii) If the team has sufficient CAP space, the system will ask the user to confirm that he wants to use a RFA credit on this player transaction.
    (iv) If the user indicates yes to the transaction, the system will automatically move the player from his current team A to his new team B and make all necessary adjustments to the team's remaining cap space.

    Each CAP plays an important role in limiting the level of recruiting that goes on in the league.

    ENYTB imposes two generic kinds of "RFA" limits on all teams:

    (A) Overall CAP - CAP1 limits the OVERALL number of RFA any ENYTB team can add in the current period from all ENYTB teams combined.

    (B) Head-to-Head CAPs (H2H) - H2H CAPs limit the number of RFA any one team can take from any other single team.

    CAP2 is an annual limit and CAP3 is a limit over the common lifetime of the two teams.

    GENERAL RULE - For team B to take a player (RFA) from team A, team B must have at least:

    one unused overall RFA credit (CAP1),
    one unused annual H2H credit vis a vis team A (CAP2); and.
    one unused lifetime H2H credit vis a vis team A (CAP3).


    (1) CAP1 = A + B + C + D + E


    A = Annual Base Credits.

    For all returning teams owned by a franchise member - A = 2,
    For all returning teams owned by a non-franchise member - A = 1,
    For all new teams owned by first year members, A=3, and
    For all other new teams, A=0 (replaced by B).

    B = MATCHING BONUS (NET Of Annual Base Credits)

    For All Existing Teams
    For All New Teams Except Those Teams Owned By First Year Members

    Matching Bonus = Sum of UFA Added In Current Period Less Annual Base Credits

    C = Compensatory Credits (CC)

    1-for-1 for RFA losses till MAX = 3. If unused, these credits carry forward.

    NOTE: To qualify as an RFA loss, the lost player must sign with another ENYTB team.

    D = Carry over of compensatory credits from prior years.

    NOTE: It is assumed CC are used last and all unused CC are carried forward to the next year.

    E = Bonus Credits per League Review

    A bonus allotment of overall RFA Credits may be awarded to any team based on extreme or extenuating circumstances affecting a team’s viability, subject to league determination/approval.

    The above limits are designed for normal circumstances. It is possible a team could be hard hit by RFA losses in a single year and not qualify for enough RFA credits in that year to replenish its roster and continue on as a team in the league. For teams facing such extreme circumstances we offer the option of League Review.

    Teams would apply to the league with an explanation of their circumstances, the number of RFA credits they were requesting, and the names of the RFA's that they wish to add to their roster. The League would review these requests on a case-by-case basis and as long as the league was convinced that the request was legitimate i.e., was not a way to game the system in order to recruit better players, the league would have the authority to increase the team's RFA credits as necessary and appropriate for that year.

    NOTE: The H2H limits are fixed and can not be raised, even by League Review, unless approved by the team(s) that are losing the player(s).

    (2) CAP2 - Limits the number of RFA any team B can take from any team A in any year T. This type of CAP is referred to as a head-to-head (H2H) CAP.

    CAP2 H2H MAX = 2 per year (one time only) and for years 2 thru N, average per year CAP2 < OR = 1; and,

    (3) CAP3 - Limits the number of RFA any team B can take from any team A over the common lifetime of the two teams.

    CAP3 = 4 Lifetime

    (4) CAP6 - Limits the overall number of RFAs any team B can add from the inactive list (CUT/DNR) of all other ENYTB teams over a three year period.

    CAP6 MAX = 2 per three years.

    CAP6 is in addition to all other CAPs. For example, a CUT player would have to fit under CAP1, CAP2, CAP3 and CAP6.

    NOTE: CAP6 does not apply to CUTs where Team B is in a lower competition class than Team A or where Team B and Team A are both low silver teams.

    (5) CAP7 - Limits the number of dead "UFA" any Team B can take from any Team A (dead) in a given year.

    CAP7 MAX = 3 per year for year T and T+1.

    NOTE: CAP7 shall not apply to Low Silver teams. A dead team remains dead in the system for two seasons. After the 2nd year, it is deleted from the system and any remaining players become regular UFA.

    Limited Time Period For Applicability Of RFA Credits To Active Players

    RFA Credits can be used on active players until:

    MAR 1 each year - 12U & Under
    APR 1 each year - 13u & Older

    This will allow teams to know their roster situation 30 to 60 days before they begin their season.

  • Limited Members - Restricted Applicability Of RFA Credits
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