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    What Is The League Policy Towards Attendance At Informational Meetings And Contacting The League Office For Assistance?

    What Is The League Policy Towards Attendance At Informational Meetings And Contacting The League Office For Assistance?

    Most sports leagues fit the description of a one-size-fits-all type of league. The primary advantage of such "cookie-cutter" structures is that it keeps the informational demands for participants relatively simple because there is only one set of facts and they are the same for everyone. Their story is short, simple and easy to understand. However, the disadvantages of such a structure, especially when applied to competitive sports, should be obvious. It forces teams of widely different skill levels to play each other and it forces everyone to order the same meal off the menu because there is only one meal on the menu.

    ENYTB is the antidote to the Limited or No Choice model. It is a FULL CHOICE league customized to the age, skill level and wants of each team. As a result, it is really many leagues in one. For example:
    • ENYTB's LoSilver program provides the lesser skilled teams at all ages with a fully customized and competitively balanced season of play. In addition, owing to ENYTB's ala carte registration system, these teams save a great deal of money by opting out of all sanctioned tournament eligibility options;
    • At the opposite extreme, ENYTB's Gold program provides the so-called "elite" teams at all ages, with a highly competitive regular season schedule and multiple opportunities to earn their way to a World Series under up to four different national sanctioning bodies. The Gold program offers the same schedule customization and ala carte registration features as the other skill level programs; and,
    • ENYTB's HiSilver program is for teams that are good but not quite elite. It is available at all ages and offers the same customizable features as the other skill level programs.

    Thus, regardless of age or skill level, ENYTB provides every member team a fully customized regular season schedule that accomplishes four basic things:
    • All your games are scheduled only when your team is available to play;
    • All your home games are scheduled only when your team and home field are both available for league play;
    • Your team is scheduled to play only those teams that your team can be competitive with; and,
    • Your schedule will meet the scheduling requirements of the sanctioning bodies that you chose to register with.

    To provide this level of customization, teams must do their part as well i.e., they must make their choices explicit on the ENYTB website as part of their league registration. This requires some effort on their part, including due diligence re: the sanctioning choices they make as well as the eligibility criteria that apply to their choices. This material is fully covered on the FAQ page and in the league meetings each year. For example, each team needs to familiarize itself with up four sanctioned post-seasons, including their dates, sites, costs, travel reimbursements, and eligibility criteria e.g., age cutoffs, roster cutoffs, roster limits, etc. With 12 age divisions under one roof, it is also up to members to familiarize themselves with rule changes as their team ages through the league (e.g., at 15U and older, ENYTB is a wood bat only league). Each team also needs to give careful thought to its scheduling limitations and preferences in advance. Most of what was just described is not required in one-size-fits-all leagues or, if it is, it is to a much lesser degree.

    Because of the depth and breadth of the ENYTB league program, its informational requirements can be somewhat daunting to new and veteran members alike. Taken a step at a time, however, it is logical and fairly easy for anyone willing to put a minimal effort into it.

    There are four sources of league information for members to avail themselves of:
    • The annual membership meetings;
    • The website (the News Page, the FAQ page, and various other website pages);
    • The league email from the league office; and,
    • Direct contact with a League Navigator assigned to their club and team.

    All members should make every reasonable effort to educate themselves by attending the league's three winter meetings and by checking the Help > FAQ page before contacting their league navigator for assistance.

    FAQ PAGE.....Virtually every question ever asked has been asked and answered on the FAQ page so that is a good place to begin. If you have made an honest effort and still can't answer your question, then call or email your league navigator and he/she will be glad to help you out. If your question is website related be sure to call him when you have access to a computer and he will guide you to your answer via the website.

  • What kind of meetings are these?
  • How are the meetings organized?
  • Are The Winter Meetings Open To Non-members?
  • When Are The Winter Informational Meetings Held?
  • How will we know exactly where and when these meetings will be held.

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