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What's New This Year (in the League)?

  • ENYTB Program and Fee Structure
  • ENYTB Program Changes - By Year - Since 2010

    ENYTB Program Changes - By Year - Since 2010

    Great New Website Launched!

    ENYTB Introduces Summer BLAST! Tournament - OPEN - Played on final weekend in June after summer break begins. Every age from 13U to 18U. Hosted on the best fields ENYTB has to offer. Format consists of pool play followed by SE w 3 game guarantee. Team trophies & player awards for 1st and 2nd place. Top 4 finishing ENYTB teams also get a guaranteed berth in ENYTB SUPER 8! tournament. FEE: $300 per team plus pay one ump per game played.

    ENYTB MADNESS - Extended to 15U Age Level

    SUPER 8 Extended to 12 Teams:
    4 Berths - Best 4 records
    4 Berths - Best record in region
    4 Berths - From top finishers in SummerBLAST!

    Single elimination format.
    Bottom 8 Face Off In Thursday Play-In Round.
    Round 2 on Friday
    Round 3 on Saturday
    Championship games at Joe Bruno Stadium on Sunday
    Trophies & player awards. Tournament is FREE except teams pay one ump per game played.

    At ages 13U-15U: Teams that fail to qualify for SUPER 8 automatically qualify into ENYTB MADNESS (same weekend) provided team registers for both FREE tournaments. Why wouldn't they???

    Various rule changes.

    Fees raised 10%.

    SUPER 8 Extended to 10 Teams With Bottom 4 Facing Off In Play-In Round.

    July MADNESS - Added At Ages 13U & 14U.

    Various Rule Changes.

    Various Extensions To ENYTB Custom Scheduling System, including competitive range, SoS and Most Preferred Opponents List. Also New Report On Adequacy Of Home Field Intersections By Team.

    Announced Major Project To Upgrade ENYTB's Digital Presence Including: Reorganization Of Content; Cosmetic Make-over; and, Mobile Friendly.

    Sanctioned Berths - DBI Only (Due to decline in popularity, no more competitive berth offerings.)

    SUPER 8 Extended to 10 Teams With Bottom 4 Facing Off In Play-In Round.

    July MADNESS - Added At Ages 13U & 14U.

    Various Rule Changes.

    Various Extensions To ENYTB Custom Scheduling System, including competitive range, SoS and Most Preferred Opponents List. Also New Report On Adequacy Of Home Field Intersections By Team.

    Announced Major Project To Upgrade ENYTB's Digital Presence Including: Reorganization Of Content; Cosmetic Make-over; and, Mobile Friendly.

    Addition Of HelpDesk And Hiring Of Two League Experts To Help Members & The League Administrator.

    Coming in 2015
    1. 20th Anniversary Year - The Next Generation Begins;
    2. Extension Of Elite Division To All Ages (9U-18U);
    3. Continuation Of League Navigators - each club is assigned an administrative expert on league and website operations to answer their questions. Got a question? 1 - Read FAQ, 2 - Ask your club GM, 3 - Contact your LN;
    4. New User Interface For Online Entry Of Scheduling Inputs (Team Availability and Field Availability).
    5. Online Self-Scheduling: New Software Developed by RunMyLeague LLC Allows Each Team To Schedule Its Own Home Games. Since one team's home game is another team's away game, each team's AWAY schedule is determined in the same manner.

    1. Introduction Of League Navigators: League Experts Assigned to all ENYTB clubs/teams to assist re: league and website operations. Each team's LN is identified in several places on the website including: → HELP → Contact League Navigator and → MY TEAM → Team Account → Team Profile;
    2. Introduction Of Elite Division at 16U and 18U;
    3. Major Extensions/Revisions To ENYTB Player Cap System For Regulating Player Movement Between ENYTB Teams. Changes include bonus RFA credits to teams for adding UFA, two annual RFA credits for teams owned by franchise members, and all players on Elite teams treated as UFA i.e., once on an Elite team player can switch to another Elite or non-Elite team w/o requiring an RFA credit;
    4. Low Silver Division: Increase in the Maximum number of allowable players 1 year older than the official team age from 3 to 5;
    5. Introduction Of Specific Penalties (copied to Playing Rules) for teams that are repeat offenders of ENYTB playing rules; and,
    6. Introduction Of Penalty ($75 per occurrence) For Teams registered "UP" in age class if they lose a game by the Mercy Rule. Same For Elite Teams vis a vis Other Elite Teams in Same Age Class


    1. Introduction Of ECTB Sanctioning (Discontinued Affiliation With CABA Sanctioning);
    2. Utica Area Participation Restructured - "Super Clubs" Formed - CNY Pioneers and CNY Heat. Long-time members: NYSAS and CNY Naturals were grandfathered;
    3. New Player Cap System Implemented For Regulating Player Movement Between ENYTB Teams;
    4. Low Silver Teams No Longer Eligible For Sanctioned Tournaments - Instead, ENYTB Will Host Last Man Standing Tournament for Low Silver Teams and Low Finishing High Silver Teams; and,
    5. No change in fee levels for 10th consecutive year.


    1. Automated Online Enforcement Of Deadlines For Key Registration Information By Restricting Access Of Non-complying Members To Those Areas Of The Website That They Are Non-compliant In;
    2. Remodeled Tournament Board;
    3. Extended Website Capability To Represent Tournament Packages For Purposes Of Team Registration;
    4. Remodeled Customized Team Registration Page;
    5. Expanded June Madness Tournament To All Ages: Represents Bonus Opportunity To Earn A Sanctioned NCTS Berth. Adopted innovative format designed to ensure competitiveness in every round of play;
    6. CABA World Series berths available to ENYTB Gold teams via regular season competition and/or direct buy-in;
    7. Invested in advertising campaign to attract Gold teams from mid-Hudson Valley Region;
    8. Discontinued Affiliation With GSA Sanctioning;
    9. Discontinued Hosting CABA OPEN World Series Qualifiers; and,
    10. Fees remain unchanged.


    1. Schedule Reliability - Automated Online Enforcement Of Rescheduling Deadlines ensures accountability and improved schedule reliability. All Permissible Transactions re: Changing The Status Of A Game are accessible from each team's online schedule. Each game has its own set of "smart" icons i.e., what you see depends on game's current status, representing all permissible transactions given the game's current status.
    2. Introduction Of June/July Madness Qualifying Tournaments;
    3. Expanded limits on use of over-aged players i.e., players one year older than their team age. New rules allow all teams, regardless of competition level, to have up to three over-aged players on their rosters;
    4. Began affiliation with CABA and GSA Sanctioning - Expands Opportunities Available To ENYTB Teams To Participate In High Quality World Series Competitions;
    5. ENYPONY House League discontinued. Too many non-travel teams lack the commitment and/or organization to participate in a supplemental travel league.
    6. Fees remain unchanged.


    1. Online Tournament Management - Tournament Manager (TM) completed. TM allows all information for any tournament hosted by ENYTB (sanctioned or not) to be accessible from a single page, the tournament's home page;
    2. ENYTB is incorporated as a non-profit. The not-for-profit shall be governed by an Executive Board (EB). The EB shall form a Members' Council (MC) to provide it with advice and counsel from the perspective of the membership as well as to assist in the arbitration of all official complaints by the membership e.g., inter-member disputes as well as member vs league disputes. Together, the members of both the EB and MC shall comprise the Executive Committee (EC). The EC shall have primary responsibility for overseeing all league planning activities related to the future course of the league;
    3. Online Registration Expanded To Include Free Double Registration - To increase sanctioned tournament options available to each team as well as the variety of teams each team plays throughout the season, ENYTB shall double register all teams in the next higher age division at no additional charge. Double registered teams will be eligible to play teams at the next higher age division in the same competition level or lower i.e., a 15 HiSilver can play 16 High Silver and 16 Low Silver teams but not 16 Gold teams.
      NOTE#1:Prior to 2009, teams were required to pay a second AABC sanctioning fee in order to get the benefit of double registration e.g., playing games vs teams at the next higher age division etc. Thus, this changes represents a savings of $150 per team for teams that are not interested in being sanctioned at both age levels under the same sanctioning. The 2nd sanctioning fee is now not only optional but it is also interchangeable i.e., a 17U team can elect to be AABC sanctioned and NCTS eligible at 18U instead of 17U.
      NOTE#2: All league games, regardless of that team's sanctioned tournament eligibility shall count in all official league standings provided both teams are of the same age. If one team is older, the game will count only in the standings at the older age.
    4. Flex scheduling and strength-of-schedule adjusted standings will be implemented across the board beginning 2010;
    5. AABC sanctioning and all sanctioned tournament eligibility will be offered on an ala carte basis (pay for only what you want). NABF sanctioning will remain mandatory for all teams but there will be no charge to teams not also electing to be eligible for the NABF sanctioned tournaments;
    6. ENYTB will host one sanctioned tournament at each age division;
    7. Tournament eligibility fees have been re-instituted to recoup the cost of hosting sanctioned tournaments e.g. baseballs, team trophies, fees for advancement berths and team patches, where applicable. Like 2009, teams that participate in ENYTB hosted sanctioned tournaments will pay their own umpire fees, with the exception of 22U, where the umpire fees will be included in the tournament eligibility fee.
    8. The League Championship tournament has been eliminated;
    9. Open tournaments shall be continued e.g., Last Man Standing, with at least two tournaments currently scheduled in each age division. Online registration for open tournaments is now available (closes July 1). Openings are limited so entry can not be guaranteed. Entries shall be assigned to available openings in the order that payment is received (a waiting list will be maintained when a tournament is full; and,
    10. ENYPONY House League is back with some modifications. PONY sanctioning is now optional ($25). All teams have the option of participating in supplemental travel (ST) for a fee of $25/team. The older age division (mix of ages 13-16) will have the option of playing on Saturday and/or Sunday as well as DH or SG. 16 yos will not be allowed to pitch. Regular season play will begin April 17 and end on May 23. ST Teams can black-out an unlimited number of play dates. Teams may register to participate in post-season tournament play only. ST travel teams must be registered by April 7, including all scheduling inputs. Non-ST teams can register up until May 15. All teams rosters must be entered by May 15. Two tournaments will be offered at 9/10, 11/12 and 13/16 - the ENYPONY Tournament of Champions and the ENYPONY All-Stars. Both tournaments will be played as double eliminations. In the older age division, the ToC will be played the week of June 1 and the All-Star tournament will immediately follow, beginning on June 7. Dates have not been established for the younger age divisions yet. Tournament size will be between 4 and 10 teams.

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