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Step 4: Team Rosters

NOTE: See FAQ - Paperwork For My Team - Everything you need to know about the League's ROSTER protocols for a comprehensive explanation of the ins and outs of rosters and all roster requirements.

Registration is not complete until a team has entered its roster online. Players must appear on a team's online roster BEFORE appearing in any league game. A copy of each player's birth certificate must be faxed or mailed to your League with 24 hours of the start time of the game he appeared in.

To qualify for ENYTB play, teams MUST have at least nine players on their online roster by May 15.

Except for AABC registered teams, teams do not need to provide their League Rep with hardcopy of their regular season rosters. AABC registered teams must print the official AABC roster form (completely filled in) from the website, and submit it to their League Rep with all required signatures (player, parent and manager). The League Rep must receive each team's signed AABC roster form before its first played game and NO LATER THAN MAY 15.

A copy of each player's berth certificate and a copy of team insurance must be also submitted to your League Rep prior to May 15.

The prior year's roster and coaching staff for any returning team are carried forward when the team is activated. When initializing its roster from the prior year, the team may elect not to keep (release) individual players that will not be back in the current year. This will avoid them receiving an auto-email notifying them that they are on your team. Team managers and coaches should consult with their club owner before releasing any players. Once released, they players are unrestricted free agents. If a player is not expected back but you want to preserve your League rights to the player in the current season, keep that player when you initialize your roster and place him on your inactive roster.

A team can, of course, add new players to its roster after the current year's roster has been initialized. Teams also may add players to the league's Free Agent pool and they may claim players from that pool. Claimed players are automatically added to the team's online roster. Teams should NOT add any player to its roster until the player has made a commitment to join the team.


From the Required Info menu click Roster and additional choices will populate the 2nd or middle menu bar. ENYTB's online roster function includes as many as 4 different roster forms for regular season player eligibility, including:

(i)a League roster - player eligibility for ENYTB regular season play; and,

(ii)a separate roster for each sanctioning body (3) - AABC, NABF and PONY.

For returning teams, all player info is retained from the previous year. For new teams, or returning teams adding new players, individual players are entered to the League player database. You will be asked to look at an alphabetical player list to see if a record for that player already exists in the database. If so, you can link to the existing record. If not, you will be asked to fill out a player information form. When you submit that form, the player will be automatically linked to your team as "primary" unless he is already linked as primary to another team. If this is the case, the player will need a release to play for your team, or, if your team is of a different age than the team he is primary with, you may link to him as secondary. The difference between primary and secondary is that all player rights belong to the primary team.

Each online roster is a "smart-roster" i.e., it automatically enforces all eligibility criteria, including cut-off dates, applicable to that roster (League or sanction body). Players have to first qualify for your League roster (age-eligible and not roster protected). No residency test is applied so any restricted free agents who require a discretionary release should be directed to do so before April 1. Residency tests may be added in the future. Once a player qualifies for your League roster, additional tests will be applied to qualify him for each of the sanctioned rosters. You will be notified of any test he fails. If he fails for a sanctioning body you are not registered for, it does not matter. Otherwise, you may be able to re-qualify him by moving others off the roster to make room for him, if it is not past the cut-off date for doing so.

enytb.com will print your team's official roster form for any sanctioning body, completely filled in, including manager, coaches and players. Simply open the Required Info menu and click Rosters > AABC, NABF or PONY > Print Regular Season. AABC registered teams must submit a signed AABC roster (hardcopy) to their League Rep prior to May 15th. Amended rosters may be filed at a later date. The AABC roster cut-off for teams aged 14U and under is June 15 and for teams aged 15U and above, July 1.

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