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Introduction and Overview

Welcome to ENYTB.com, the official website of the Eastern New York Travel Baseball League.

Help > Getting Started is designed to provide club admins and managers/coaches with a thorough introduction to two things that are essential to league membership: No matter how long you have been in the league, Getting Started serves as a useful reference manual for club admins and team managers/coaches. Combined with the league's other online reference sources: FAQ page (Help > FAQ), Program Info (League Info > Program Info), and Website Tips (Help > Website Tips), most any question about the league or the website is answered more than once. If you haven't already done so, it is strongly suggested that you familiarize yourself with the information available via these links.

Getting Started is divided into three sub-menus: Each sub-menu includes an intro and is further divided into several individual menu items.

The first sub-menu, named "the website", includes two brief tutorials, one on website functionality and the other on website navigation. Together, these two menu items identify the most essential destinations on the website and how to move about between them. If you want to do something on the website but can't figure out where to go or what to do once you get there, consult Help > How-To Website Tips.

The other two sub-menus, named Administrators and Managers/Coaches, each include a set of similarly named menu items that are written from the separate perspectives of the club admin and the team manager/coach. The menu items are: The last item, Other, consists of an introduction to the various online communication tools available via the website. The other four discuss the various information required of all teams during the registration period. By dividing this information in this manner, users only need to read the material that is directly pertinent to their role, saving the reader a great deal of time.

Each club's most important league responsibility during the early going each year is to understand the league's basic information requirements and to have a plan for distributing the responsibility for accomplishing these tasks among its various club and team personnel, and to see to it that everyone carries out their responsibilities. Each club decides for itself how that will be done.
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