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Upcoming Games

Tuesday 07/17/2018
Devilcats Stadium
6:00PM DOUBLE HEADER - PFLD Thunder 15 XXX @ Devil Cats (R) 16 S8/L
Jenkins Field
6:00PM Fulmont Force 15+L @ Cap City Kings 15 S8/L
Moreau Rec Pk - 90'
6:00PM Cap Renegades 15 S8/L/PBR @ NE Hurricanes 15 S8
Wednesday 07/18/2018
GEER Field #2
6:00PM BRWK Buckeyes 15+XXX @ So. Troy Dodgers 14 XXX
Geyser Park
8:15PM So. Troy Dodgers 15 XXX @ Cap Renegades (B) 16 S8/L
Thursday 07/19/2018
BSPA/Doubleday Field (90)
6:00PM Fulmont Force 15+L @ Ballston Bearcats 14+L
Geyser Park
6:00PM STGA Lightning 15 S8/L @ Saratoga Stampede 15+S8/L
Voorheesville HS
6:00PM Frozen Ropes Outlaws 15 L @ Voorheesville Blackbirds 16 S8/L


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