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ENYTB Adds New Tournament - SUMMER BLAST!
posted by Administrator 12/11/2018 11:12:44

ENYTB Adds New OPEN Tournament - SUMMER BLAST!
Also Creates New Opportunities For SUPER 8 Berths, Including:
Berths For The 4 Highest Finishing ENYTB Teams In SUMMER BLAST!
& Berths For Each Regional Champion

In talking to ENYTB members about ENYTB's summer baseball program, the general opinion was that ENYTB should host a mi... read more
2019 Member Sign-Up Procedure & Upcoming ENYTB Meetings
posted by Administrator 12/11/2018 02:12:13

2019 Member Sign-Up Procedure & Upcoming ENYTB Meetings.

Hello everybody and welcome to the new baseball year and ENYTB's 24th consecutive year of operation.
Process for membership renewals and new member sign-ups remains the the same as always. To review:

1 - Existing Member... read more
2019 Options re: Schedule Changes
posted by Administrator 12/09/2018 10:12:52

2019 Options re: Schedule Changes

Since it has proven impossible to get most members to correctly use our No Harm, No Foul Cancellation and Non-Weather Postponement options, they will not be available in 2019. Instead, teams will have only four options for updating an existing game on their schedule:

A - Enter score for played ga... read more

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