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Overview Of Annual Cycle

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ENYTB operates 365 days/year. That's not to say we play baseball 365 days/year, but some kind of league activity is always going on, including answering your requests for membership and other information. The league's major annual activities include: planning the upcoming year's program, improving the website, adding content to the website, pre-registering clubs/teams, setting up online team registration to coincide with the new program choices and prices, collecting scheduling inputs from clubs/teams, custom scheduling each team, recording fee payments online, confirming team paperwork (proof of age and team insurance), answering member questions, overseeing player releases and schedule management by teams during the regular season, registering member teams with national sanctioning bodies, arbitrating inter-member disputes, planning and running tournaments and getting teams certified for sanctioned tournament play, fall baseball program.

This sub-menu, Calendar includes a chronological tour of what happens when in ENYTB's Annual Cycle. Here's a quick idea of what is found where: During this time:
  1. the league conducts its meetings: consisting of an annual Kick-Off meeting in late January, usually the weekend before the Super Bowl, and age division meetings, beginning the first weekend after the Super Bowl. The youngest age divisions meet first because they are scheduled first and begin play six weeks before the older age divisions. The meeting schedule is established in early January, and announced via email to all activated teams as well as on the ENYTB News Board.
  2. the league conducts registration. Teams should register with the league right after their age division meeting. Each club rep must ensure that each of its teams makes its registration choices and payment no later than April 1st (March 15 for the younger age divisions 12U and under); and,
  3. the league collects all scheduling inputs from its registered clubs and teams. The same deadlines apply to scheduling inputs as registration.
  4. Once league registration closes, the League Director has sufficient information to create all League Divisions and assign specific teams and tournament berths to divisions.
A couple of weeks after the conclusion of the fall program, the website is re-initialized for the next year and club/team activations for the upcoming summer season begin anew. From October until just before the annual Kick-Off meeting in late January, the ENYTB program for the upcoming season is developed and entered to the website. All questions regarding league membership or services offered non-member teams should be directed to the League Director, Ed Frye at (518) 356-9089, 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY, 12303