Access Privileges

Thank you for your interest in the ENYTB program and welcome to our league website, powered by (RML). A common problem with most youth sports leagues is that they aren’t very “transparent” i.e., most league members are in the dark about what's going on inside their own league, let alone players and their families. That is not true for members of leagues using this website, developed and owned by (RML). RML keeps the spotlight shining on all league activities past, present and future, 24/7.

RML satisfies two broad functions: administrative and informational. The administrative side will be addressed below under member content. On the informational side, RML provides members, as well as local newspapers and the general public at-large, with a highly detailed and current view of all on-the-field action inside-the-league from the first pitch of the regular season through the final out of the post-season. This content, described next, is accessible without logging in and/or having to interact with league administrators.

Public Content

All of the content on the League Play menu is available to the public i.e., no log-in required. League Play is intended to read like the league’s own daily sports page, reporting scores, standings, player stats, and a comprehensive game report on every ENYTB game played. These reports are filed by teams following their contests, and they include inning-by-inning scores, an inning-by-inning scoring summary of who did what, and complete hitting and pitching stats for individual players. The standings update in real-time as teams enter their scores. Want to go to a game?

Click here for a listing of all scheduled games for the upcoming three days i.e., where, when and how to get there updated in real time.

Want to find a team to play for?

To find a team by name, age and level of play, Click here. To find teams with player openings Click HERE. For the latest tryout announcements, click HERE. And if that isn't enough, Click Here for the ENYTB News page. The latter keeps members and the public alike abreast of all league announcements and activities.

The Tournaments menu provides complete information on all tournaments available through ENYTB and is fully accessible by the public as well. Every league hosted tournament has its own home page (via Tournament Manager (TM)) that provides easy access to all information on that tournament from pre-tournament info, including announcements, brochures, rules, local hotel/restaurants etc., to tournament entries, brackets, field schedules and results. This information is available for: NOTE: For league sponsored OPEN tournaments, TM provides online registration for both non-members and members. To sign-up, go to TM, click on the tournament you wish to enter, and click the ruby red sign-up button.

During the off-season, the interest of the public switches from the league's online sports page to its online library, About. As its name would suggest, this menu provides a considerable amount of information about the league: from its history and timeline; to Program Description to current articles on the league; and, to our constitution; . Program Info is designed to provide the public at-large, prospective members, new members, and even veteran members, with a soup to nuts presentation of the league. For ease-of-use, Program Info is divided into nine sub-menus, encompassing 29 bite size chunks of information. Suffice to say, Program Info is the best single source for general, and in some instances, in-depth information on ENYTB's many program elements; including:
The Help menu also is available to non-members and members alike. Click here for the FAQ section which includes a world of specific information about the league organized by subject area. This is a valuable resource for both existing members and prospective new members.

Member Content

Notwithstanding the great amount of public content provided by the RML league management website, a considerable portion of the content is available to members only i.e., password protected. Much of this password-protected content is specific to each club/team while other is generic to all members. The password-protected content specific to an individual team/club e.g., team rosters and schedules, etc. can be viewed by authorized users of that team/club only.

RML Password Management System

The RML league management solution includes a password management system that manages members’ access to protected content. Each authorized user e.g., player, coach, manager, team contact, club rep and club owner, is issued a personal log-in, consisting of a "user ID" and password.

Each person's email address is his "user ID". For this reason, a valid email address must be entered for each league participant or this system is defeated. For example, if a player’s email address is not entered on his roster form, that player will not be issued a password and therefore will not have access to any password protected content, including his team schedule.

There are three levels of member access. Each user’s level of access privileges is determined his role on the club/team. Players have the lowest level of member access whereas club owners and reps have the highest. Access levels for managers, coaches and team contact persons is closer to club level than it is player level.

Authorized users can change their password at anytime via My Team (or My Club) > Personal Profile.

Authorized users can retrieve their password at any time via instant email by clicking "Lost Password?" at the top of any page and entering the email address they registered in the league with.

NOTE: Persons participating in the league in more than one role are issued separate passwords for each role e.g., father of a player vs team manager/coach.

When retrieving their password, persons with more than one password are asked to click on the particular role for which they are seeking their password. For example, a mom or dad may manage their son's team or they may have two players on different teams or one player on two teams. In the first case, the mom or dad would retrieve their manager password (as opposed to player password) because it has higher access privileges. In the latter two cases, they would retrieve the password appropriate to the team they are interested in viewing content for.

How Does The System Identify Authorized Users i.e., How Are Passwords Issued?

The RML league management solution defines a league member as a club and each club is defined by its name and owner of record (person or organization). In addition, the club designates a person who will be responsible for fulfilling all of the club’s league obligations. This person is known as the club GM. Each year, it is the role of the club GM to “activate” his club with the league and by identifying the various teams that the club will be registering with the league, including info on the club's home fields, local newspapers and team managers.

Each team is defined by its club name, team name, age, competition level, manager, coaches, primary/secondary contacts, and its players.

When a new club joins the League, its first responsibility is to name its owner of record and club GM, and provide the league with complete contact information on both. Each club must also similarly identify each of its team managers. As each individual is entered to the system and linked to his club/team, the password management system issues him a personal log-in, consisting of both a "user ID" and a unique password. The system then generates an auto-email welcoming the person to the league and notifying him of his personal log-in.

A user's log-in is sufficient to allow the RML system to identify him by his particular club and/or team and level of access privileges i.e., club, team or player.

The process of issuing passwords is complete for each club when it has added all its coaches and players to the website. At that point, all club and team personnel have been identified in the system by club, team and official role, and have been issued personal log-ins accordingly. All such persons are termed “authorized users” i.e., persons entitled to access password protected member content.

As alluded to above, not all passwords are created equal e.g., a player does not have the same access as a club rep. Each authorized user is given one of three access levels, depending on the person's club/team status: club; team; or player. The access privileges afforded each level is a subset of the level above it i.e., each level can do everything that the next lower level can do plus more.

Club level users have the maximum member access privileges. Club level users have team level access to data for all their registered teams and can switch among their teams without logging in and out with different passwords. Club level users also have additional functionality specific to their club.

Team level access provides managers and coaches with access to all content for their specific team plus any protected content that is generic to all members. Club and team level access includes full read/write privileges.

Player level access provides limited access to team content e.g., schedules, etc. and includes “read only” privileges. The difference between player and team level access is much greater than between team and club level.

Example: A father and son sharing the same email address, where the father is the manager of his son’s team.

The system will issue two passwords to the same email address. One will provide team level access and the other player level. If the father then logs-on to the system using his son’s password, he will be granted player access only i.e., he won’t be able to enter scores, make roster changes, etc.

KEY: A user's personal log-in identifies him by specific club and/or team and by level of access privileges. Thus two people, linked to different teams, will follow the exact same steps to view their schedule yet each will see the schedule for their own team. Furthermore, two individuals linked to the same team but with different access privileges e.g., one is a team manager and the other is a player, may not see the same amount of content on a given page or the page may not be available altogether to the log-in with less read/write privileges i.e., the player.

NOTE: Fall teams are entirely separate from spring/summer teams. This means different rosters, possibly manager/coaches, scheduling inputs and passwords. Passwords expire in mid-December when the website is initialized for the following calendar year. To regain full website access, returning members need to activate their club and returning teams for the upcoming season, as well as any new teams they may want to register. Passwords stay the same from year-to-year for all returning participants providing they remain in the same capacities with the same team and/or club. All returning members as well as new members need to contact the League Director when it is time to activate their club/teams.

Club reps, managers, coaches and players may change teams, clubs or capacities from one year to the next or even during the year. As this happens, and the individual is linked to his new team, club and/or capacity, he will be given a new password and it will be emailed to him in a similar manner as before.

NOTE: Since users with write privileges have the capability to delete schedules, game results, player information etc., the club owner/rep or team manager should unlink individuals who are no longer associated with the team and/or club as soon as possible, thereby voiding their access privileges.

Club Reps and team managers also need to periodically check their team coaching staffs to make sure they are complete and up to date. This is important for communication purposes within the league as well for roster preparation since RML’s "smart-rosters" automatically print all official roster forms with all league, team, coaching and player information automatically filled in.

Trouble Shooting

  1. If you are a returning club owner/rep and your codes from last year are not working, you need to contact your League Office to activate (pre-register) your club/teams for the upcoming season. This will renew all of your club's access codes from the previous season.
  2. If you want to join the league as a new member, you must contact the League Office.
  3. If you are a manager and your club/team is active yet the password retrieval system has no record of you being an authorized user, contact your club GM and tell him to look on his homepage (→ MY CLUB → Utilities → Passwords For My Managers & Coaches). If you are not listed there with a password, with your correct email address, then he needs to either complete/correct the existing information or link you to the team as a manager or contact his League Navigator.
  4. If you are a player, contact your manager or coach and have him confirm that your correct email address has been entered to the team roster by going to (→ MY TEAM → Team Roster(s) → ENYTB → View/Edit My ENYTB Regular Season Roster).