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The hallmark of ENYTB membership since its inception (1996) has been its customized schedules. It's a lot of work but many league members require flexibility and couldn't be here without it. The League added another important dimension to its customized scheduling process in 2002, namely, each team's competitive preferences, and began producing schedules that were customized and "competitively balanced".

The first menu item below, Full Customization, provides an overview and summary of the process whereby these schedules are produced. From the collection of scheduling inputs from each club and team, to its robust field availability model that can't be stumped, to the proprietary software that integrates all this information together and then interacts it with the same kinds of information from every other team and finally, to the layering methodology, also proprietary, that prioritizes which games are scheduled first, thus ensuring that each team gets as close to exactly what it wants, as possible. Each team's customized and competitively balanced schedule is available online at Main > Team Home > Schedule no later than May 15th, in plenty of time to order umps for opening weekend. The younger ages 12U and down) are available by early April.

The second menu item below, Tournament Qualifying Games, defines this important classification of games and includes addition information about each member's obligation to play all games on its schedule and to keep its online schedule current.

The third menu item below, Pick-Up Games helps members find competitively matched opponents who may be available for additional play during the season (TOOLS > PICK-UP GAMES). This tool uses much of the same information and methodology as is used by the league to produce customized schedules. PICK-UP GAMES can be used in several different modes as well.

The fourth menu item below, RESCHEDULES discusses the all important "Schedule Management Tools" used to update the status of any game that will not or was not played as currently scheduled, regardless of reason.