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Scheduling > Tournament Qualifying Games

DEFINITION: Any game with another ENYTB member team and listed on a team's online schedule, where EITHER opponent is eligible for ANY of the three sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS) is a tournament qualifying game.

NOTE: ENYTB does not schedule exhibition games between ENYTB members. Teams that want to play an exhibition game can do so, but they should not add that game to their online schedule. As defined above, virtually all league scheduled games are TQG. Games scheduled by teams on their own can count as TQG as well, provided they conform to the full definition given above. Whenever teams are eligible for more than one sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS) e.g., AABC, NABG and PONY, they will be included in more than one standings. Thus, every game the team plays will count in more than one Standings.

Every Team's Obligation To Play ALL Its Scheduled Games

TQG or not, all teams have an obligation to their opponent and the league, to play their schedule in its entirety, with one exception: when both opponents agree that they would prefer not to play a particular game, regardless of reason, they can follow the protocol for a No Harm/No Foul cancellation. (All schedule management protocols are accessed by clicking "Update Game Status" on your online schedule, on the particular game you wish to update.) All other cancellations must be entered as forfeits by the offending team before the game's scheduled play date. Non-playing forfeits are penalized by the league. The website notifies teams of the scale of penalties and their penalty.

IMPORTANT: So called "must play" games have nothing to do whether a team is obligated to play a scheduled game. This term refers to either:
  • the minimum number of games a team must play against other similarly sanctioned teams in order to be eligible for tournament play under the rules of that sanctioning body; or,
  • Standing methodologies used by ENYTB in the past that included divisional games only and specified the exact number of games between any two opponents in the same league division that would count in the standings for that division. This imposed a common schedule on all teams in the division, for purposes of divisional standings only. For example, six opponents and a head-to-head game requirement = 3 would yield 18 so called "must-play" games. These games were must-play only in the sense that if you didn't play them all, you would lose points (win = 2 points, loss = 1 point and no play = 0 points). ENYTB no longer uses this type of standings.

Every Team's Obligation To Keep Its Online Schedule Current

Every team has an obligation to its fellow members and the league to keep their schedules current, defined as follows:
  • For all completed games, the score must be entered within 7 days of the scheduled date of the game; and,
  • For all games not completed as scheduled, the game status must be updated within 7 days of the scheduled date of the game. The league protocols for updating a game are available on each game of your schedule by clicking UPDATE.
IMPORTANT: You have 7 days to do either of the above. At the end of 5 days, the website will warn you that you have two days left to UPDATE this game. Once the 7 days has expired, the game becomes "PASSED". If the game was played but not scored, a score can not be entered and the game will not count in any league standings. If the game wasn't played, neither team has any obligation to make-up the game. If, however, both teams would still like to play the game, they may do so and if they add it to their online schedule, it woill be counted in the standings. For example, if the game was played and you never bothered to enter the score or never bothered to postpone and reschedule the game, it does not count for or against either team. Same thing for a forfeit. If your opponent forfeited the game to you and did not enter it to the website, you need to enter a FORFEIT OBJECTION to the League Office or website via UPDATE to preserve your right to a forfeit win determination.
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