Member Classifications

Members are referred to as clubs. Each club has an owner of record and a club representative. Each club can own one or more teams in the league. The names of the teams can be the same as the club or different and can be the same for all teams or different by team. Within the league, ultimate responsibility for all teams rest with their club owner and club representative.

The league offers various classes of membership, depending on a variety of factors. The "Full Franchise" is the gold standard, as it conveys maximum league participation and player protection privileges.

To obtain a full franchise, a significant portion of the players on all of the teams must reside within a single school district or two adjoining school districts. One of these areas is designated the club's primary area and the other, its secondary area. A new member can claim another member's secondary area as its primary area but a member has permanent and exclusive rights to its primary area. Thus, to establish a full franchise, the club must get its players largely from a school district than no existing member has claimed as its primary area, unless that member agrees to share its primary area (co-franchise).

A three year probationary period is applied to all new full franchisees. During this period, the franchisee must register three or more teams each year, including at least one at 15U and below, and register a team in the same age division at 15U and below, in at least two of those three years (repeat participation requirement).

Sub-franchises and restricted sub-franchises are available to owners who can't meet the conditions for full membership. Current league franchise membership is comprised of about 75% independents and about 25% organizations that are affiliated with other national baseball organizations such as Babe Ruth, Little League, etc.

For a more detailed explanation of membership classes, see Articles X1-XV of the Constitution and By-Laws at: Constitution.

All members are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct at all times.

Applications for new memberships are processed year-round. There is no initiation fee. All registration information can be collected in a single phone call. Payment is by mail. To get answers to specific questions about ENYTB membership or to get started for the upcoming season call Ed Frye at 518-356-9089 or email him at or mail him at 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady, NY 12303.