BEGINNING Late January .......
This is not a league that requires teams go to monthly meetings year-round. Why is that? The availability of a first-class website, combined with the high quality support service provided by league admins via email and phone greatly lessens the need for meetings. Thus, we have fewer meetings and when we do meet, we don't have to concern ourselves with the mundane tasks associated with registration, scheduling, rosters etc.

  1. League meeting - for teams from this league only, to award berths, conduct a draft, and prepare teams for their tournament meeting; and,
  2. Tournament Meeting - for all teams in the tournament. certify paperwork and handout tournament brackets/schedule.
The website's online roster management system screens each sanctioned roster against the player eligibility criteria of that sanctioning body, including online draft picks. And, since ENYTB has online access to every sanctioned roster for every ENYTB team, there is no need to certify rosters in a group meeting. In addition, in those tournaments we host, the tournament rules, brackets and schedules are available online via the website's tournament manager. Thus, even the tournament meeting is often not necessary when ENYTB is hosting the tournament and all participants are ENYTB teams. This is often the case with PONY tournaments, NABF Qualifiers and AABC tournaments at the younger ages.

An announcement will be made in early January on the ENYTB News Board and by email, when the dates, times and sites of these meetings are known. Usually two age division meetings are held each week.

The Kick-Off meeting reviews the experience of the past year (the good, the bad, the ugly), awards are handed out, including nameplates for all trophy winners, and the current year's program is unveiled. An open floor provides members with the opportunity for comment and discussion.

The age-division meetings focus primarily on:
Website development and use is another frequent topic.

Teams should register with the league as soon as possible after their age division meeting.