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APR 1 Deadline

posted by Administrator 03/29/2018 09:03:13

APR 1 Deadline - Ages 13U & Older
For Acquiring "ACTIVE" Players
From Other ENYTB Teams Via RFA Credits

Teams need a date certain when players on their active roster are committed to them. The APR 1 deadline serves this purpose by locking down player movement by all players listed as ACTIVE on ENYTB rosters. (This deadline is MAR 1 for teams 12U & Under.)

After this date, RFA credits can still be used to acquire INACTIVE players but not active players.

NOTE: INACTIVE players include those that have either informed their team that they will not be coming back to play for them in the current season or players that have been unresponsive to all efforts by their team to communicate with them. All such players should be placed on the Did Not Report list (DNR). Players that fail to inform their team by APR 1 that they are not returning may be maintained as active players for the current season, at the discretion of the player's club/team.

The DNR list serves an important league function. Teams maintain compensatory rights to players that they place on DNR. This right continues for up to two years (the season the player first goes on DNR plus one more). If any ENYTB team signs a player from the DNR list the acquiring team must use an RFA credit to acquire said player and then the player's former team receives a compensatory RFA credit. Any DNR player not signed by another ENYTB member by the end of this period becomes an UFA.

Teams are required to place players on DNR prior to APR 1 if they know or reasonably believe that the player is not returning to their team in the current season. Once a player is placed on DNR he is also automatically removed from any rosters that he is listed on a "secondary" basis i.e., the privilege to play on multiple teams in different ages on a secondary basis is exclusive to active players who are primary on an ENYTB roster.

So, if you have been holding off on acquiring an active RFA, time is rapidly running out for doing so. (NOTE: Several new teams still have empty rosters.)

Beyond that, be reminded that registration closes exactly two weeks after the Easter holiday. To be included in the league scheduling process, a team must have completed the following three registration tasks by no later than APR 15:

1 - Fill out your team order form (this creates your team bill);

2 - Send check payable to ENYTB c/o Ed Frye, 5227 Bridle Pathway Schenectady, NY 12303-5017

3 - Fill out your scheduling inputs - club GM enters field time and team manager enters team availability.

When specifying team availability:

A - Make your team as available as possible; and,

B - Provide as much overlap with field time as possible.

For example, making your team available from 9AM to 1PM every weekend day when your field is available only from 3pm on would result in ZERO home games.

When specifying team availability, you have four choices:

A - You can make a day type P1 (best day to play);

B - You can make a day type P2 (next best day to play);

C - You can make a day type P3 (play only if nec); or,

D - You can make a day type P4 (no play).


If you prefer not to play on a certain date but can if absolutely necessary, use P3. I do not often fill P3 days but sometimes it can make all the difference in the world in scheduling you with a certain opponent that would make an excellent match-up when no other match-ups are available.

Opening up the time that your team is available for weekend play is important as well. Most fields begin at 10:00AM and run every 2.5 hours. So the best availability would be 10AM to 5:30pm. If you want a chance to play under the lights, make your team available till 8:30pm. If you are asking to play a single game, covering at least two and preferably three field times. If you desire a DH, it is best to cover at least 4 field times and three would be a minimum.

By doing the above things when setting your team availability, you will have done everything possible to ensure that your team will receive the best possible schedule.

If you are new to the ENYTB scheduling process, be sure to watch the video tutorials on both field availability and team availability. Each is less than 5 minutes long.

If anybody needs help with entering their scheduling inputs call me at 518-542-8498 and I will gladly assist you.

Schedules should be available on or about May 1.

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