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Last Call For JOE Tix - Small Number Still Available For ENYTB's Annual Night-At-The-Joe - July 5th - Fireworks Too!

posted by Administrator 06/23/2018 12:06:40

Last Call
Small Number Of Tix Still Available
For ENYTB's Annual Night-At-The-Joe
July 5th - Fireworks Too!

To All:

It's still not too late to get your tix to the annual 'ENYTB NIGHT-At-The-Joe'. Response has been great (850 sold) but we still have about 50 tix left. Can be ordered in any quantity. Available to non-members too.

NOTE: If anyone has a really large order, say 50 or more, I may be able to get more tix from ValleyCats.

July 5th - ValleyCats Vs. Vermont SeaMonsters
Game starts at 7PM and **Fireworks** Follow Conclusion Of Game

Every year the ValleyCats give us a great deal on admission/food.

Tix: $10 each - includes a reserved seat and $5 cash value for use at food booths and/or gift shop.

BONUS - ENYTB players are welcome to go on the field prior to the start of the game as ENYTB's Champion form last year's Fall Tournament at the JOE - The Frozen Ropes Outlaws - is recognized.

The 1-2-3 ordering process for these special tix is as follows:

1 - Send me an email at pres@runmyleague.com telling me how many tix you
wish to purchase and what name you want them reserved under;

2 - Make your check payable to ENYTB and mail to me NO LATER THAN JUN 29.

Ed Frye
5227 Bridle Pathway
Schenectady, NY 12303-5017

3 - Your tix will be waiting for you at the "Will Call" ticket window at the JOE on game night.

Not a bad reserved seat in the house!

This year's game night is only one day after the 4th and includes a fireworks show immediately following the game.

So come out to the JOE and see the ValleyCats play the Sea Monsters and visit with your ENYTB friends!

Time is running short so if interested, don't delay placing your order.

Thank you,

Ed Frye
ENYTB President
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