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SUPER 8! - Your Chance To Play At Joe Bruno Stadium And Win The League Champiomship ...Ages 13U-18U

posted by Administrator 01/13/2021 10:01:26

The SUPER 8 Tournament - An ENYTB Tradition Since 2016....

Q1 - What is the SUPER 8 all about?
A1 - To determine an ENYTB champion at each age from 13U thru 18U. Ages 17U/18U are combined into a single tournament.

Q2 - Are all games played at the JOE BRUNO STADIUM?

A2 - No but the championship game in each age division is played at the JOE. However, other top notch fields will be used to host the games in rounds 1 thru 3. For example, Dutchmen Field (Lights) in Guilderland, DevilCats Stadium (Lights) in East Greenbush, Cahrenger Stadium in Lansingburg (Lights), McQuade Park (Lights) in Coxsackie, and possibly Shuttleworth Park (Lights & Artificial Turf infield) in Amsterdam, Blatnick Park (Lights) in Niskayuna, Scotia Babe Ruth (Lights), and Rotterdam Memorial Park (Lights).

Q3 - How many teams qualify in each age division?

A3 - 8 teams per age division. Determined by Adjusted Win %.

Q4 - What format is used?

A4 - The format is single elimination. However, teams that lose in the first round will be merged into MADNESS! tournament bracket for a 2 game guarantee.
Q5 - How do I make my team eligible for this tournament?
A5 - Any High Silver and Gold division ENYTB registered team in ages 13U thru 18U that select this tournament option on its team order form is eligible. Registration closes APR 15.

Q6 - I forgot to register for this tournament on my team order form. Is there late registration for this tournament?
A6 - Yes, if you notify League Admin before the end of JUNE (send HelpDesk email with team name/age and your name).

Q7 - Price?
A7 - $100 registration fee. You pay for one ump per game played.

Q8 - When?
A8 - July 16 thru 20.

Q9 - What are the age groupings?
A9 - They are:


Q10 - If teams in the top 8 decline their berth, will alternates be selected?
A10 - Yes. If and only if the alternate's raw W-L PCT is at least .400 or its SoS adjusted W-L PCT is at least .200.

Q11 - Will there be team and player awards?
A11 - Yes, both finalists will receive a handsome team trophy and the players on both finalist teams will receive ENYTB SUPER 8 medallions. ENYTB also provides baseballs for all games. All you do is pay one ump per game played.

Q12 - If I qualify or am on the cusp of qualifying, when is the cut-off for declaring that my team is fully committed to participating in this tournament?
A12 - No later than 10 days before the first scheduled game.

By early July the GENERAL INFO documents for these tournaments will be posted on their tournament home pages. They will include all playing rules, player eligibility rules, bracket/seeding format etc.

This tournament is played one week before the Last Man Standing.

Q13 - What happens if you fail to qualify for this tournament?
A13 - At ages 13U-15U, all teams that fail to qualify for the SUPER 8! automatically qualify for the ENYTB MADNESS! tournament held on the same weekend, provided they selected that FREE option on their team order form.
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