Section 8.1 Multiple League Affiliations

In order to provide League members with abundant opportunities to participate in sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS), the League shall maintain affiliations with various national baseball sanctioning bodies sufficient to provide all member teams with a reasonable opportunity to win, through regular season competition, a berth in a sanctioned NCTS. Majority approval by the Board shall be sufficient to add or drop a League affiliation with any sanctioning body.

Section 8.2 Participation In Multi-Sanctioned Play

RULE 1 Teams shall be allowed to register for as many different sanctioned NCTS as are offered by the League and they are eligible for.

Games between opponents participating under common sanctioning groups shall count equally in all such standings that are common to both teams.

RULE 2 Any team that would be unwilling and/or unable to advance were it to win a sanctioned NCTS event, must forfeit its berth.

RULE 3 Each team shall be allowed to play in as many different sanctioned NCTS as berths it wins.

Should a member win berths in two or more NCTS events and those events are scheduled for the same dates, the member must immediately declare which berth(s) it wishes to abandon. Should a team win an NCTS event and be required to advance, and that advancement causes a conflict with another sanctioned NCTS for which it also has a berth, said member must advance in the NCTS in which it was a tournament winner and immediately abandon its berths in any other NCTS where a conflict exists.