Section 7.1 ENYTB, LLC

ENYTB was operated as a non-profit organization from 1996 thru 2015. The non-profit was dissolved and replaced by a for profit LLC in 2016, owned by Ed Frye. All League disbursements shall be made by check, signed by the President or other League Officer authorized by the Board, and reported to the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall record all revenue and costs of the League in an accounting framework consistent with the reporting requirements of an LLC incorporation and satisfy all governmental reporting requirements for taxing purposes.

Section 7.2 Payment of Membership Fees And Refunds

Each member shall be provided an itemized invoice of its annual registration charges, including its base membership charge and all selected tournament entry/eligibility fees. Members shall submit their registration fees to the League Office no later than April 15. All checks to the League shall be made payable to “ENYTB”. A late fee of $25 may be assessed on ALL registration payments received after April 15. No team shall be scheduled for league play in the current season unless their registration fee is paid in full.

Upon receipt of payment, the League Administrator shall record payment on each team’s invoice, deposit all payments in a bank account established by the League for its exclusive use and notify both the League President and Treasurer of the amount of each deposit. Except as noted below for new members in the current year, all registration fees are fully refundable provided notice of withdrawal is provided to the league administrator in writing prior to the close of registration (March 15 (ages 12U and under) and April 15 (ages 13U and older). After those dates, all registration fees paid are non-refundable. A club returning from the previous year is guaranteed no league privileges in the current year until the base registration fee for each of its teams listed on the website in the current year has been paid. Loss of privileges can include voting privileges, player protection privileges and/or website access privileges as well as other privileges not listed herein.

Section 7.3 New Members - Payment At Time Of Application

Applicants for new membership (club owners) shall be required to pay a $225 security deposit as a bond against fines for schedule and violations of other ENYTB By-Laws. The club member shall be required to maintain a balance of $255 at all times. At the conclusion of the club's membership, the unused portion of the security deposit is refundable for up to two years thereafter, upon request.

Applicants for new membership (club owners) shall also be required to pay at the time of their application, at least the base registration fee for at least one of its teams listed on the website. This fee is refundable if and only if the application for membership is not approved by the League. Any additional monies paid shall be subject to the same general refund restrictions applicable to existing members (see Section 7.2 above).