Section 4.1 Governance

The Executive Board shall govern the League in all matters through the interpretation and application of this Constitution and By-Laws and shall have jurisdiction in all matters of governance neither explicitly nor implicitly addressed by the Constitution and By-Laws. Disputes between or among members, disciplinary matters, and such other matters that require the interpretation and application of the League’s Constitution and By-Laws, shall be resolved exclusively in Executive Board and/or member committee meetings.

Section 4.2 Planning

The Executive Board shall plan for the continuous improvement and expansion of the League. The planning process shall include a continuous assessment by the Board of the League’s operating environment, growth, direction and well being. All League Officers as well as the League Administrator shall contribute to this process by making periodic reports to the Executive Board. The planning process also shall encompass the establishment of goals and the development of policies and strategies to realize those goals.

The Board shall provide the general membership with periodic reports of the results of its planning activities as well as with opportunities to provide input. Though not explicitly required, the Executive Board may choose to have the general membership vote on certain proposed actions. Any such vote shall be binding.

Section 4.3 Administration and Budgeting

The Executive Board shall provide oversight of all League administration and budgeting activities. The League Administrator and Treasurer shall make periodic reports to the Executive Board. One of these reports shall be a comprehensive budget and associated fee structure that balances projected revenue and cost in the current fiscal year. This budget shall be submitted to the Board for its consideration during the fall of each year. The Executive Board shall enact this budget, with or without revision, no later than December 15.

The President has the power to establish ad hoc positions for special purposes e.g., liaisons and coordinators, etc., by majority vote (see section 2.10). Similar to the League Administrator position, appointees to these positions shall require confirmation by the Board and report directly to the Board.

Section 4.4 Executive Committees

The President shall have the authority to create committees to assist the Board with any of its duties as enumerated herein. Each such committee shall be chaired by a person appointed by the President, subject to the majority approval of the Board. The President shall be a member of all such committees. The Chairman of each Executive Committee may form any number of sub-committees as he deems necessary and appropriate.

Section 4.5 Executive Board Meetings

The President shall schedule regular Board meetings throughout the year. Additional meetings shall be scheduled as necessary. Board Meetings also must be called upon the written request of any other two (2) Board members. The written requests shall include an explicit statement of the reason(s) for the meeting. All Executive Board meetings shall require the President to provide written notice (mail or email) to all Board members, at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.

Section 4.6 Voting Majorities

All motions not involving amendments to the Constitutional Amendments are passed by a two-thirds majority of members present at any meeting, provided a quorum is present, unless otherwise provided herein.

Section 4.7 Compensation

The provisions of Section 3.7 shall apply equally to all Board Members. In addition, the League shall reimburse Board Members for certain discretionary expenses related to their service on the Board. These monies shall be disbursed from a separate overhead account maintained for this sole purpose. The account shall be funded by a $25 surcharge on member teams in all age divisions except those exempted in any year by the Board to encourage League growth. All disbursements from this account shall require the pre-approval of the Board. The disbursements for this purpose shall not exceed the balance in this account in any fiscal year.