Section 2.1 General

League governance shall be administered in a democratic manner. The governance of the League shall be invested in the voting representatives of its members and such officers as they may elect, who shall preside equally over the entire League, including all affiliations and age divisions.

Section 2.2 Voting Rights

Each member shall be entitled to cast a number of votes equal to the number of its registered or activated teams in the current year (teams registered in more than one age division are entitled to a single vote). Each member may exercise all its votes collectively (as a block) or individually, on a team by team basis. A new member shall be entitled to cast votes as soon as it has submitted its first year membership fees as provided in Section 7.3.

Any existing member that has not yet registered nor activated its teams for the current summer season shall be entitled to cast a number of votes equal to the number of its registered teams in the prior year (once again, teams registered in more than one age division are entitled to a single vote).

Members who are inactive at all age levels following the close of registration in the current year shall be entitled to a single vote, provided they are inactive in accordance with official League rules.

In the event of a tie vote among the general membership, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 2.3 Voting Majorities

All motions at general membership meetings affecting new membership and franchise areas are passed by a two-thirds majority of members present, provided at least two-thirds of all members are present (a quorum).

As provided for in Article V, constitutional amendments require, among other things, a two-thirds majority vote of members present.

All other motions are passed by a simple majority of members present at any meeting, provided a quorum is present.

Section 2.4 Meetings

All general membership meetings shall be called by the President (Board meetings are held as set forth in section 4.5). The first general membership meeting each year shall be held prior to March 1st, usually on the first Sunday immediately following the Super Bowl. Additional organizational meetings shall be scheduled as necessary throughout the pre-season. When appropriate, these meetings may be segregated according to age divisions or groups thereof. A final meeting shall be scheduled immediately following the conclusion of the regular season to award sanctioned tournament berths to the winners of all regular season competitions.

General membership meetings are designed to focus almost exclusively on the dissemination and exchange of information pertaining to participation in the League as well as the organization of the League relating to regular season play and sanctioned NCTS play. General membership meetings are NOT a forum for members to argue inter-member disputes or to initiate proposals to change, revise or extend the Constitution. These matters are properly directed to the Members' Committee for consideration as described below.

The specific purpose of the first general membership meeting shall be to review the experiences from the prior season and to outline the league program for the upcoming season, including an update on the long term goals and plans of the League. Members also shall consider any matters offered by the Executive Board for consideration or action. In odd numbered years, the membership shall elect officers at its first meeting.

Section 2.5 League Officers

The Officers of the League shall consist of: a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, up to three Directors and any Commissioners elected by the Board (see Section 2.6 herein). Additional Director positions may be added subject to the approval of the general membership.

All League Officers except Commissioners, shall be elected by a majority vote of the general membership, for a term of two years beginning as soon as they are elected. Elections will be held at the League’s initial general membership meeting in even numbered years. To be eligible for elected Office, an individual must have been an active member in the League for two or more complete seasons, had regular attendance at League meetings and be in good standing with the League. If for any reason, any League Officer is unable to serve out his full elected term, the President shall appoint his successor with approval of the Executive Board.

Section 2.6 Commissioners

Any person having served as a League Officer for a minimum of two complete terms and having discontinued their service as a League Officer in good standing is eligible to serve as a League Commissioner. Nominees must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board to be confirmed. Commissioners shall enjoy the full privileges of an executive board member.

There is no limit to the number of commissioners serving at any time nor is their any limit to the length of their term. Commissioners are required to attend a majority of league meetings each year and to be available for executive board sessions. Failure to meet these requirements is sufficient cause for termination, at the discretion of the other members of the executive board, by a two-thirds majority vote.

Section 2.7 Executive Board

The Executive Board of the League shall be comprised of all League Officers and Commissioners. All powers and authority not explicitly granted herein to individual Officers of the League shall reside with the members of the Executive Board collectively.

Section 2.8 Removal Of League Officers

To remove a League Officer from his elected office, the League shall follow the same procedure as defined in Article V for amending the Constitution.

Section 2.9 League Administrator and Assistant Administrators

The League shall employ one or more League Administrators to manage the operation of the League. The League also may employ Administrative Assistants, with specific duties that go beyond reasonable expectations for a volunteer position. The President shall have full authority in appointing and setting compensation for these assistant administrative positions. See Article VI.

Section 2.10 Ad Hoc League Assistants

The Board, by majority vote, may establish positions for understood special purposes e.g., AABC liaison, Divisional Coordinators (coordinate organizational activities in a particular age division) or Area Coordinators (coordinate organizational activities in distant geographic areas that include a concentration of ENYTB members) etc. The President shall fill these positions by appointment, subject to the majority approval of the Board. These persons shall report directly to the Board and/or League Administrator. No person shall be compensated for performing the normal duties of an ad hoc position. The Board, at its discretion, may provide incumbents with a maximum annual stipend of $500. Incumbents who incur direct expenses due exclusively to the normal duties of their position shall be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses from the League’s administrative overhead budget. Individual items in excess of $50 shall require prior authorization of the President. Receipts shall be required in all instances.

Section 2.11 Division Directors

Each age division shall be assigned two division directors. The primary role of division directors is to assist other members with League operations, particularly roster and schedule management. Division directors also shall assist the League’s Player Agent in the collection of team rosters prior to the beginning of the season. Division Directors also shall assist in confirming the official League standings in their respective age divisions at the conclusion of the regular season.

Section 2.12 Fiscal Year

The League shall operate with a fiscal year beginning Jan 1st and ending December 31st.