As stated in Article I of this Constitution, the purpose of the League is to increase participation in amateur youth baseball by making membership available to all who qualify under the rules of the League. If all new members were limited to franchises, participation in the League, particularly in the older age divisions, would be unduly limited. To encourage participation in the older age divisions, the League established a “Limited Franchise” membership.

Section 13.1 Qualifications

RULE 57 Anyone with a team or teams, 16U and older, is eligible for a Limited Franchise membership provided his roster does not include any league protected players.

To be eligible to register teams in the League’s lower age divisions, 15U and younger, limited franchise members would need to qualify under other ENYTB’s other membership options such as franchise, co-franchise or sub-franchise.

Section 13.2 General Participation Rights

RULE 58 The limited franchise member is granted the right to participate in the older age divisions of the League, from 16U and upwards, and to register an unlimited number of teams in each.

Should a limited franchise member abandon its membership from one year to the next, all teams owned by said limited franchise member would be eligible to continue in the League under their own limited franchise membership, provided they are in good standing with the League.

Section 13.3 Franchise Area Rights

Limited Franchise members have no franchise area rights.

Section 13.4 Player Rights

See Article XVI for a comprehensive discussion of member’s rights to players.

RULE 59 ENYTB is open competitive at age 16 and up for non-roster players i.e., there are no player residency restrictions.

Limited Franchise members may sign players regardless of their place of residence, provided they either did not play in the League in the previous year for a still active ENYTB team or they were released.

RULE 60 The roster of a limited franchise member is protected within the League from one year to the next.

Section 13.5 Player Releases

By Rule 38, each limited franchise member has the exclusive power to grant releases to its own protected players. Note: Since there are no player residency restrictions in the older age divisions, there are no restricted players.