Section 10.1 Official Team Rosters

Official team roster means any roster(s) that a member team has filed with ENYTB in any given year for purposes of participating in regular season league play and has been certified by ENYTB.

RULE 14 Every ENYTB member team is required to establish an official team roster with the League prior to playing its first official league game each season.

The penalty for noncompliance shall be the forfeiture by the offending team of all games played while in noncompliance, at the discretion of the League’s Player Agent.

To establish an official ENYTB regular season team roster:

Each team shall submit all supporting documentation of player eligibility to its Division Director, if one is established, otherwise to the League Player Agent, prior to playing its first League game.

ENYTB teams need to "link" their players from their ENYTB regular season roster to their various sanctioned rosters on the League website.

Rosters can be printed on the official roster form of each respective sanctioning body from the League website: → MY TEAM → Roster Manager - All Rosters → [choose sanctioning body] → View/Add Players To My [....] Regular Season &/or Tournament Roster

The League Player Agent shall print each team's official regular season sanctioned roster from the League website and mail them to the national sanctioning bodies.

NABF and PONY sanctioned teams that qualify for a NCTS must submit official tournament roster forms at season’s end. The NABF tournament roster forms must be signed. The PONY tournament roster forms must be signed by players in the 18U age class only. AABC tournament rosters should be printed after the draft is complete and brought to the AABC tournament meeting (see section 10.10).

Section 10.2 Age Limits

RULE 15 All players participating in regular league play and competing for berths to sanctioned NCTS must conform to the age limits for that age division.

Proof of age is required. Only copies of birth certificates or driver’s licenses with pictures and birth dates included will be accepted as proof of age.

Players may not exceed the maximum age limit for the division of play their team is registered for. EXCEPTION: CABA goes by high school class beginning with age 15 e.g., aged 15 or freshman class. NOTE: ENYTB allows teams to use up to five players one year older than the team age in all age divisions through 23U. Teams using over-aged players in ENYTB regular season play are required to inform the league Office. They shall be marked with a plus sign ("+") designating they are ineligible for competitive berths to sanctioned tournaments via ENYTB's regular season standings.

For all age divisions and affiliations except the NABF High School Division (17U), the age cutoff date is May 1 of the current season. Thus, the player’s age on April 30 determines his baseball age for the current season. For example, a player whose 13th birthday falls on April 30 has a “baseball age” of 13 for the current season while the player whose 13th birthday is one day later, May 1, has a baseball age of 12 for the current season.

The cutoff date for the NABF High School Division (17U) is JAN 1. Any player whose 18th birthday falls on or after JAN 1 of the current calendar year is age eligible to play in the NABF High School Division in the current year.

NOTE: NABF rule 4.09 allows teams playing in a Senior Division league (18U) to be eligible for the High School Division (17U) post-season tournament (World Series) provided the team has at least 12 players on the roster who are 17U. All 18 years olds who played for the team during the season must be removed from the High School Division’s team roster list. These ineligible players remain on the team’s Senior Division roster and hence, remain eligible to be drafted by another team in the Senior Division league for post-season tournament play. The same team may participate in both NABF17 and NABF18 NCTS.

Section 10.3 Roster Limits

ENYTB allows a maximum of 20 players for regular season play for teams aged 18U and younger. Older teams may have a maximum of 25 players.

Each sanctioning body has its own limitations on roster size. When greater than ENYTB's limit, the ENYTB limit shall supercede for regular season play and the sanctioning body limit shall supercede for post-season play.

· AABC allows a maximum of 18 players;

· NABF allows a maximum of 21 players; and,

· PONY allows a maximum of 15 players at 14U and younger, and a maximum of 18 players at 15-16 and above.

Section 10.4 Dual Participation

AABC does not restrict players from playing on multiple teams in the same league during the regular season as long as the teams are registered in different age divisions. In the event a player is registered with more than one AABC team within ENYTB and if more than one of his teams qualifies for AABC tournament play, the player is required to play with the AABC team for which he is designated "primary". If the player is registered with different AABC sanctioned teams in different leagues, AABC rules stipulate that he must play for the team in which he appeared first.

NABF and PONY restrict players to appearing on a single roster, regardless of age division. EXCEPTION: NABF allows 17U teams to participate in both 17U and 18U tournaments and 22U teams to participate in both 22U and UNL tournaments.

RULE 16 ENYTB allows teams to participate in two adjacent age divisions for purposes of regular season play. This is known as double registration.

RULE 17 A player can NOT participate on two or more teams in the same age division.

RULE 17A ENYTB player rights reside with the club that owns the team that is designated as the player's "primary" team. Only a person that has been granted club level access privileges to the League website is authorized to release a player from a team roster.

If a player is on the roster of another ENYTB team in another age division, he shall be designated as secondary on the non-primary team roster(s). A player may change secondary teams at any time w/o any effect on either team's RFA credits and cap limits i.e., secondary teams do not possess RFA player rights. In normal circumstances, a player will be primary on the team that first added the player to its roster. However, any dated document signed by the player and his parent that contradicts the League website shall be accepted as official. In the absence of any such written documentation, or a designation of primary on the league website, the player shall be free to designate which team shall be primary. Once proof of designation is provided to the League Office, the player shall be reclassified accordingly. When a player joins a new primary team, he can not change primary teams again in the same season.

RULE 18 Player rights of the primary owner shall extend to all affiliations regardless of the individual sanctioning choices of its teams.

Section 10.5 Roster Drops

Players may be voluntarily removed from an official league roster by a club representative for various reasons. If the player ceases to be active, he should be placed on the team's DNR list. DNR players remain RFAs for two years or until they join another ENYTB team. In the latter case, the player's former team receives a compensatory RFA credit. If the player is CUT by the team i.e., the player wants to play for the team but the team does not want the player on its roster, the club should CUT the player. Such players instantly become UFA, free to sign with another ENYTB team w/o affecting that team's RFA credit position.

Ordinarily, players can not switch primary teams more than once per season. However, players that participated in fewer than three league games shall be allowed to switch teams, provided their existing club agrees to the change.

RULE 20 Any player, included on an official ENYTB roster and then removed, through deactivation or release, shall be ineligible to be added back to the roster of the same team in the same season.

RULE 20A Any player, appearing on an official roster form for any sanctioning body as of the eligibility deadline for that sanctioning body, and then removed, through deactivation or release, is ineligible to play for any other team in the same year with the same sanctioning.

Section 10.6 Roster Additions

Each sanctioning body has its own deadlines for roster additions.

AABC has a cutoff date of June 15th for all age divisions 14U and below and a cutoff date of July 1 for all older age divisions. This means a player must appear on the team's official AABC regular season roster on or prior to June 15 (or July 1, depending on age division) of the current season.

NABF allows teams to add players until 15 days prior to the NABF tournament for that age division. Except for the college and adult divisions, ENYTB imposes a July 1 deadline on all additions to a team's official NABF regular season roster.

PONY has a cutoff date of June 30 for all age divisions.

RULE 21 No player, regardless of sanctioning body, is eligible to play in a sanctioned League game until he appears on a team’s official League roster. All supporting documentation of the player’s age eligibility must be received by the League Office postmarked, within 72 hours of player's first appearance in a league game for that club/team. Failure to abide by this rule may result in forfeiture by the offending team of all games the player participated in before conforming to the above requirements, at the discretion of the League Player Agent.

RULE 22 Players may be added to a team's official ENYTB regular season roster for purposes of ENYTB regular season play up until the final game of the season.

Section 10.7 Minimum “tournament qualifying” Games By A Player

Each sanctioning body has a minimum requirement for game appearances by players:

· AABC requires each player to have appeared in at least three AABC sanctioned league games in order to be eligible to play in AABC sanctioned tournament play. The AABC tournament committee requires proof of appearances in the team's scorebook.

· NABF requires each player to have appeared in at least four NABF sanctioned league games to be eligible for NABF sanctioned tournament play.

· PONY requires each player to have appeared in at least half of the team’s games, including a minimum of six games.

Section 10.8 Minimum “tournament qualifying” Games By A Team

To be eligible for sanctioned tournament play:

· AABC requires each team to have played a minimum of six (6) qualified games i.e., League games with other AABC sanctioned teams from the same age division.

· NABF requires each team to have play a minimum of six (6) qualified games i.e., League games with other NABF sanctioned teams from the same age division.

· PONY requires each team to play a minimum of twelve (12) qualified games i.e., League games with other PONY sanctioned teams from the same age division.

In addition to the minimums specified by the League’s national sanctioning groups, the League’s own regular season requirements for tournament qualification can result in a regular season game minimum for each team that could be greater than that required by the applicable sanctioning body, as provided in section 9.2.

Section 10.9 Player Draft

Each sanctioning body allows teams that have won berths to its sanctioned tournaments to draft players from all other sanctioned teams in their age division that did not win berths. PONY18 is the only exception. The League conducts a draft immediately following the conclusion of each regular season competition, and designation/acceptance of all berth awards.

Each sanctioning body imposes a different limitation of the number of draft selections allowed:

· AABC allows a team to draft a maximum of three players;

· NABF allows a maximum of six players; and,

· PONY has no draft limit except at 18U, where drafting is not allowed altogether. Any drafted players must fit under the roster limits described in section 10.3.