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  • Debuting in 2020, the Battle By Saratoga is an Open Tournament organized in partnership between ENYTB and New England AAU.

    It is held Memorial Day Weekend and is open for ages 10U – 14U.

    Teams are being recruited from NY, MA, RI, CT, VT and beyond.

    Saratoga County is a gorgeous area to visit and a great place to get competitive teams from a variety of geographies into a centralized location.

    Limited entries available per league at each age division. Teams that are looking to mix it up with some fresh opponents, good competition and test yourself against other regions, look no further!

  • Dates: Memorial Day Weekend. All teams are guaranteed to play Saturday and Sunday. Championship games on Monday.

    Ages: 10U – 14U with single year age divisions.

    Entries: Limited to 8 teams per age division.

    Entry Fee: $900-975. Varies by age. All Inclusive Price (Umpires & Baseballs are covered).

    Format: 3 game guarantee. Pool play followed by single elimination.

    * The exact format of the brackets will be dictated by the number of teams in each age division. All formats include a 3 game guarantee. If pool play is two rounds, all teams will advance to single elimination round and top seeds will earn byes in round 3. If pool play is three rounds, top four teams will advance to single elimination round.

    General Rules (see Tournament Manager page for complete rules)


    10U = 46’/60’ – NO LEADING. Runners cannot leave base until ball reaches plate.

    11U & 12U = 50’/70 – MLB rules on leading, stealing, pick offs.

    13U & 14U = 60’/90’ – MLB rules on leading, stealing, pick offs.


    10U – 12U = 6 inning games. No new inning can be 1:45 after first pitch.

    13U – 14U = 7 inning games. Ne new inning can begin 1:55 after first pitch.


    10U – 13U = No Bat Restrictions

    14U = BBCOR, USA Bat, or Wood

  • 1st Place team - team receives a trophy and players receive individual medals

    2nd Place team - players receive individual medals

  • This is an Open Tournament. Players do not have to be on teams regular season roster.

    Age Cutoff Date = April 30


    No over-aged players are eligible to participate in this tournament. True age players only. ENYTB teams that want to use their over-age players must register at the older age division. (i.e. a 13+ team would have to compete at the 14U level).


    ENYTB teams – must notify Tournament Director via email of any non-regular season roster players you will be using and submit a copy of that players proof of age no later than May 8th.

    Non-ENYTB teams – rosters and proof of age must be emailed to Tournament Director no later than May 15th.


    All non-ENYTB teams must submit proof of insurance to the Tournament Director no later than May 8th.

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