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posted by Administrator 12/29/2017 10:12:35


Bats make great X-Mas presents. Many are contacting me to see if ENYTB is adopting the new USABAT standard in 2018. Our new bat rules are contained in the league email from late summer 2017, copied below.

To: All ENYTB Teams:

While some baseball sanctioning bodies are adopting the USABat standard players at ages 14U and under beginning JAN 1, 2018, the BBCOR .50 remains the metal bat standard for High School and NCAA level play.

ENYTB has adopted the following bat rules by age division for spring/summer 2018 regular season play as well as for any non-sanctioned tournaments hosted by ENYTB e.g., JULY MADNESS, SUPER 8, LAST MAN STANDING and the VALLEYCATS/ENYTB FALL CLASSIC:

1 - 12U and Under - USABat standard only i.e., bat must be stamped USABat;

2 - 13U/14u - ENYTB bat rules for these two age divisions shall remain unchanged with the exception that bats with the USABAT stamp shall also be legal at these two ages.

3 - 15U & Older - ENYTB shall remain a "wood bat only" league at 15U and older.

note: Because USABat Stamped metal bats perform identical to wood bats, some thought was given to also allowing their use in the older ages but so far we are sticking with wood bats only at 15U & older.

New Member Sign-Ups. Re-Activation of Existing Members & What's New In The League For 2018
posted by Administrator 12/24/2017 08:12:57

Re-Activation of Existing Members,
New Member Sign-Ups
& What's New In The League For 2018.

Hello everybody and welcome to the new baseball year and ENYTB's 23rd consecutive year of operation.

Procedures for membership renewals and new member sign-ups remain the the same as always.

To review:

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