Welcome to Eastern New York Travel Baseball (ENYTB)

ENYTB is a high quality, comprehensive, multi-sanctioned, multi-level league program for travel baseball teams of all ages from 8U through Adult, including a special 22U division for college aged players. The geographic center of the League is just north of Albany and it reaches 100 miles or more in all directions. Membership is open to all.

Membership in ENYTB provides teams with centralized access to numerous post-season opportunities: including, the National Championship Tournament Series of five sanctioning bodies: AABC, NABF and PONY, GSA and CABA. ENYTB also hosts numerous entry level tournaments in these sanctioned Tournament Series, including at least one in every age division.

ENYTB registered more than 200 teams in 2009, our 14th year of operation. Through regular season competition, nearly 100 of those teams qualified for berths in approximately 25 different sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series. We are proud that our league has produced a national champion in each of the last fours years: ENYTB's regular season program is flexible and fully customized to each team. Teams make their own sanctioning choices during registration (these choices determine what tournaments they are eligible to compete for). Next, each team is provided a schedule that is customized to when a team can play and when its home field is available as well as many other factors, including doubleheader preferences and max games per week. Lastly, regular season play within each age level is offered at three different competition levels: Gold, Hi Silver and Lo Silver, thus ensuring that all teams get to play at their own level, regardless of what that level is. The greatest challenge faced by any travel sports leagues is communication - between the League and its teams, between the various teams themselves, and between the coaches and the players. The advent of the internet has made communication within leagues as easy as the click of a mouse. This website (enytb.com) provides a wide array of online tools that facilitate League communication. 2010 will mark the seventh year that ENYTB has used this website (a product of RunMyLeague.com (RML)) to manage and administrate the league. With a few minor exceptions e.g., collecting proof of team insurance, proof of age for players and signed AABC rosters, ENYTB is a paperless league. All member information necessary for team registration and scheduling is collected through RML's fully interactive league management website. This website provides a wide array of online tools that permits teams to make registration choices, manage their own schedule changes, report scores and stats, and manage its rosters, which could be many, depending on their sanctioning choices, and much more. On the flip side, the website provides the league with the capability to deliver to individual teams, the information and content necessary to their participation in the League.

The website also provides all local newspapers and the general public with real-time access to the action in the League as the action is self-reported by teams, as well as the dates, times and sites of upcoming games and tournaments, without having to depend on league administrators for the information (see all sections of Inside The League).

ENYTB has come a long way in 15 years and we hope to see the league continue to evolve and prosper into the future. Like any great endeavor, none of it would have been possible without the support, help and cooperation of so many along the way. It begins with our many loyal members from the past and present who have supported our program year-after-year. To everyone who has played a role, big or small, in our success, a heartfelt thank you. Together we are helping to keep America's past time alive and well in the hearts and minds of nearly 3,000 kids and young adults each year. That is a noble deed.

To read more about the League, click League Overview and/or Timeline, on the middle menu bar above. For more detailed ENYTB program information, see League Info > FAQ or League Info > Program Info. If you have member access (a personal log-in), you also will want to read Main > Getting Started. Enjoy your time browsing the website and if you wish to talk to a live person, don't hesitate to contact me at our League Office, Ed frye, (518) 356-9089 or fryes@nycap.rr.com.