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Wildcard Divisions/Berths

A wildcard berth is a "bonus" berth into the entry-level tournament for an AABC, NABF or PONY sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS). Each year, based on team registrations and/or the requirements of each sanctioning body, and other circumstances, ENYTB qualifies for and/or purchases so many NCTS berths from each sanctioning body. These berths are earmarked to league divisions.

In single class divisions, more than one berth can be earmarked to a division but all berths earmarked to a division are given to teams in that division only, provided they meet certain minimal performance requirements (see FAQ). In this instance, if there are more berths than divisions, usually one or more berths are earmarked to a wildcard division and given to the highest ranked team, regardless of competition level, that was not a divisional berth winner. All teams eligible for a divisional berth are eligible for a wildcard berth, provided they did not win a divisional berth.

The same procedure is followed where divisions use a combination of single and mulit-class divisions within the same sanctioning body. This hybrid situation would only occur when there are not enough registered teams in one of the single class definitions (two or fewer) to run its own competition for a divisional berth and, for whatever reason, the league did not want to employ a full multi-class approach.

In the non-hybrid (pure) multi-class approach, all berths for a given sanctioned tournament are earmarked to a single division and the top N teams would qualify. When there are more berths available to the age division than there are competition levels, it is still possible to guarantee berths to individual competition levels in a multi-class division, if desired, simply by adding a requirement that the top finishing team in each competition level qualifies for a berth and that all remaining berths (wildcards) shall be given to the next highest overall finishers, regardless of designation. This approach combines the workings of the regular and wildcard divisions of the past into a single division approach that accomplishes the same thing plus more i.e., all teams would be eligible for all wildcard berths w/o requiring all teams to play each other, or to play more games then they wanted to play.