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ENYTB is three leagues in one!

ENYTB was founded on the premise that an important reason for League participation is to have your games actually count for something. ENYTB is a member of three national baseball organizations: AABC; NABF; and PONY. Each of these national sanctioning bodies sponsors National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS) each year in the various age divisions. These are multi-level events where winners continue to advance until a national champion is determined at each age level.

NOTE: In the past, teams that qualified for more than one NCTS were restricted to one (their choice). This restriction was eliminated beginning with the 2005 season. Thus, any team that wins a berth to two or more NCTS in the same season can now participate in all when possible i.e., when the tournaments are all held on different weekends. Should a team win an NCTS event it is committed to advance in that NCTS. If this results in a conflict with its berths in other NCTS events, it must forfeit those berths immediately and the next highest qualifier shall be awarded the berth in its place.

ENYTB not only provides members with centralized access to three different NCTS, but we make it totally hassle-free too! Each ENYTB team fills out one online registration form customized top its age and level of play. Every ENYTB program item that the team is eligible for is listed on that form. To register to be eligible for for these NCTS events, teams need to place a check-mark in the check-boxes corresponding to both the sanctioning body and the particular entry-level tournament. Most teams can be eligible for NCTS events under all three affiliations for about $250, which is less than half the cost for one for-pay tournament.

Each ENYTB team fills out one form for each player on its roster. When the team adds the player to his online roster, the website will screen him against the league eligibility requirements as well as the eligibility requirements of each sanctioning body. If the player fails any eligibility criteria for anything that your team registered for, the website will tell you on-the-spot, who and why. When your online roster is complete, it can printed on the official roster form of each sanctioning body, completely filled out, by both you and the league. What could be more hassle-free?!

Assuming you registered to be eligible for at least one sanctioned tournament, your ENYTB games not only count for something but often they will count more than once! When two ENYTB teams play a game it counts under every affiliation that the two teams are registered with. Thus, a single game between two teams registered for all three sanctioned tournaments would count at least three times. It could count even more times if separate opt-in wildcard divisions are applicable. And, no matter the number of divisions a team competes in, all its Divisional Standings are always available and up to date on a single website page in its home area, making it very easy for all club/team personnel and players to follow all the action of exciting multiple pennant races. Many NCTS berth winners aren't decided until the last league game is played. The outcome of a single game could decide who advances to tournament play and who stays home in several divisions. As teams post their game scores on the website, all Divisional Standings are updated in real time.

ENYTB also hosts several sanctioned NCTS tournaments each year. In fact, ENYTB hosts a sanctioned tournament in every age division from 9U to 22U. In addition, the AABC sanctioned State tournaments at every age level are hosted locally as well, by other AABC sanctioned leagues. Teams qualify for those tournaments through ENYTB play as well. ENYTB members and non-members are both eligible to host ENYTB events on their fields but preference is given to members.

Bottom-line, every ENYTB registered member team begins the season with a chance to be a national champion. More than 50% of all ENYTB teams qualify to participate in a NCTS. Indeed, ENYTB produced World Champions in 2007 (NABF16U); 2008 (AABC13U) and 2009 (AABC9U). For these three teams, it all began with online registration and rosters, assignment to a competition level, and customized scheduling, followed by regular season divisional play, where they competed with other ENYTB teams and earned a berth into the entry-level NCTS event that they ultimately became the national champion.

In 2009, ENYTB registered approximately 170 full-time travel teams across all age divisions combined. Half of these teams registered for sanctioned tournament eligibility with two or more sanctioning bodies e.g., AABC, NABF and PONY. Approximately 100 of those teams qualified for and participated in 24 entry-level NCTS events. 15 of those 100 teams won entry-level tournaments. And of those 100 teams, one, the Spring Renegades 9U, went on become a national champion, winning the AABC9U World Series! Anything is possible, ENYTB teams have proved it three times in a row!

ENYTB highlights in sanctioned tournament play in 2009 include: