Open Tournaments Sponsored By Non-Members

Hosting a baseball tournament this year?

Would you like RML to help you run your tournament online, from soup to nuts? (RML) will put your tournament online via the website, using Tournament Manager (TM), developed by RML and used by ENYTB to host 25 double elimination and mixed format tournaments in July 2009.

Guaranteed two day turn-around on all tournament set-ups!*

*Sponsor will need to provide RML with all informational inputs.

RML will provide unlimited technical support to help tournament sponsors every step of the way in setting-up their tournaments.

This unique website service enables tournament sponsors to market their tournaments online 24/7 to a highly targeted public audience. With a presence on, you also will have direct access to ENYTB members as well as the public who go there to browse/shop for open tournaments.

Fee below includes text and banner advertisements on

Once the marketing side of your tournament is a success and your tournament is full, TM allows you to easily manage all tournament information and make it available online to all tournament participants and their families, as well as the entire world. TM will greatly reduce the hassle factor associated with sponsoring your own tournaments by collecting, storing, organizing and managing all tournament information in a single database, while also increasing the satisfaction of all your tournament participants.

THE DEAL: RML will use its comprehensive state-of-the-art Tournament Manager (TM) to host your tournament, the same software package used by ENYTB to host 25 tournaments in the summer of 2009.
Fee: *Fee includes unlimited technical support, step-by-step assistance with set-up and free online advertising on (banners and text).