Open Tournaments Sponsored By ENYTB

Open tournaments are unsanctioned events, often referred to as for-pay tournaments. Except for conditions on age eligibility, these tournaments are, by definition, "open" to all teams. There is no qualification phase, you pay you are in. Most ENYTB teams supplement their league play with play in at least one open tournament before, during or after the season. ENYTB sponsors its own open tournaments.

All open tournaments sponsored by ENYTB are listed at Inside-The-League > Tournaments . To visit the home page for an ENYTB Open Tournament, go to Inside-The=League > Tournaments > Hosted Tournaments > ENYTB > OPEN] and select a tournament from the list. Teams can sign-up for a tournament by clicking the ruby red sign-up button. Non-members will need to fill out a short form. Members can log-in and then all information is known.

NOTE: A customized list of the all ENYTB sponsored open tournaments is provided on each member team's online registration form, found at Registration > Options/Fees. Each open tournament listed on a team registration page is hyperlinked to a pop-up that provides additional tournament information.

NOTE: Members and non-members who are hosting their own open tournaments and would be interested in learning about how they can run their tournament online via, with the same comprehensive online tournament management capabilities as ENYTB click HERE and HERE.

ENYTB sponsors open tournaments during the latter half of the month of July. These tournaments are called Extra Innings - Last Man Standing. Up to two are hheld on different weekends for every age level. Go to their home page to read more about the formats used, the entry fee, prizes, etc.

Registration in OPEN tournaments is open to members and non-members alike. These tournaments are designed to provide teams with a fun ending to their season. Other than team insurance and proof of age for non-member teams, no paperwork is required. Rosters are open. Teams can include a mix of ages. Efforts are made to attract as wide a field of competitively balanced entrants as possible. When entries are sufficient for two or more tournaments, placement will be based on a combination of player ages and team's level of play.

Teams have up to the time of the tournament cutoff date to sign-up online and send fee to register for any of these tournaments.

July is the peak of the summer tournament season for both sanctioned and unsanctioned events. ENYTB schedules its open summer tournaments around the AABC, NABF and PONY sanctioned tournaments in each age division so that its teams can take advantage of both. Cutoff dates for individual tournaments are announced by league email and on the League and Division Message Boards.